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  1. is it time to call it quits..??!!? Help...

    Hello! well I've not been here in a while & it's mainly cos I'm back at work & too busy, but I have a question that only you ladies can answer.. Here goes:

    my LO is 9 months and we had a rough...
  2. Re: Why do ppl care so darn much about how I raise my child!!

    I TOTAaLLY get how u are feeling..! My DS is 6.5mo & o have had same issues apart from fact that DH is not always as supportive & agrees with his own mum more often... he doesn't love co-sleeping but...
  3. Re: is this a nursing strike...?!?!?!? help plz

    Hi! And thanks to you ALL ladies that responded.. I forgot to say before that he does fuss at the breast and also spits me out after a VERY short time when he is doing this..!

    I will try the...
  4. is this a nursing strike...?!?!?!? help plz

    Hello Ladies!

    well, we are back here with some new issues... my DS has had slow weight gain since the start and I am combination feeding BF on demand and also giving him 8 oz per DAY of formula to...
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    Re: Maternity Leave?

    I live in the UK & felt really bad about having to leave my baby boy after 6 months...! that was before I read this thread... Obviously now I feel extremely grateful for the time I have had..! It has...
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    which medela pump is best?!?!?

    Hi, ok so this is part of a previous post, but with a new question... just thought a bit of background would be important...

    My LO is 20 weeks and long story short we had a rough start to BF, had...
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    Re: When do u find tme....?!?! HELP

    well many thanks ladies.. he really doesnt sleep much during the daytime, only ever for about 1hr, 1.5hrs tops!! but i will try after nursing now too!

    i will post a new thread about some other...
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    When do u find tme....?!?! HELP

    my LO is 16 weeks and long story short we had a rough start to BF, had wrong advice & weight gain issues so although we are mainly BF on demand we are also supplementing (with SNS lactation...
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    Re: pumping before birth

    Just wanted to say that although nothing really will 'prepare' you for that first initial power suck feeling, you cud hand-express some colostrom before ur baby's arrival & then have some high...
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    Re: What to do with extra milk?

    If donating not option/difficult, etc why don't you mix it in with whatever foods/solids u give baby..? just mash veggies with it or add it to rice or cereal?

    That way you are still giving all...
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    Re: Sex & BF...?!?!

    Hello to all!!

    just wanted to update that since this original post hubby & I have had some successful & surprisingly pleasurable encounters... thanks soo much for your support & it's definitely a...
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    Re: Sex & BF...?!?!


    I just wanted to thank all of u who shared stories...

    slowly but surely I know me & hubby will work it out :)
  13. Re: No weight gain, pedi says my milk isn't good enough.

    Hi! and first of all congratulations for not taking all ur pedi says as gospel!! Having been in a very similar situation myself I wud strongly advise NOT to supplement!!

    Firstly check and see if...
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    Re: Sex & BF...?!?!

    Hmmm ... interesting perspectives!

    It was a natural tear & I don't think the mdwife who attended wud really do hat 'extra stitch' trick but who knows..!

    The pain is inside and I don't think...
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    Sex & BF...?!?!

    Hello! Ok so it's not entirely a question of BF but I was just wondering if u guys had thoughts/stories to share...

    My firstborn LO is 12 1/2 weeks and since his birth me & DH have only 'fumbled'...
  16. Re: So many questions! (supply, convienence)

    hi! I just want to agree with pp and offer some personal experience nursing in public with 36F breasts..! I usually wear 2 tops, a strappy one on bottom and any other on top. then u pull the strappy...
  17. Re: HELP! bullied by doc's ..Re: Mamas of healthy yet slow-to-gain LOs...

    Hi!! Well after 3 days, bloods & urine tests &!more 'observation' they found NOTHING wrong and said that he must take aftr his dAd (who is 6ft6') and it's (reluctantly) ok to b long & lean.... They...
  18. Re: Increasing/Re-lactating Advice PLEASE HELP!

    Hi! just wanted to offer some personal experience.. I've used 'more milk plus' veggie/vegan capsules ( 4per day and they've got fenugreek, fennel, thistle,etc) and also Domperidone (3xday) and so far...
  19. HELP! bullied by doc's ..Re: Mamas of healthy yet slow-to-gain LOs...

    Hello ! Can I just say that coming home from two days of hell at hospital and seeing this thread has given me newfound confidence & strenght to keep on BF and fighting our cause..! :)

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    Re: back to breast after five months?

    I had that, ddnt take too long to heal but I never used creams.. Only squeezed some milk out onto nipple as often as i cud!!

    Good luck!!
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    nipple blister?!?!???


    has anyone ever had a nipple blister?? definitely blister, NOT sore or cracked nipple! - proper rounded up bubble bit..?

    What shud I do to it, burst o leave it? Have had it for 2 days...
  22. How much shud an 8 week old be feeding..?

    Pretty straight fed question but I'm very confused..! I'm wondering how many ounces should an 8 week old (slow weight gaining) baby be eating per feed? I am currently supplementing with...
  23. Re: SNS...?!? anyone out there with experience/tips 4use??

    WOW!! Dr newman's method certainly works better than the instruction way of taping..for ME anyway :)

    Thank you so much to you both!

    and on we go to feed..! wish us luck on weight check Tuesday...
  24. Re: 6 weeks - low supply, need some help!!

    Have now bought SNS and having some fun (not!) using it... new thread started.. please comment if u can help :D
  25. SNS...?!? anyone out there with experience/tips 4use??


    I previously posted issues I've been having with 6 week old baby boy not putting weight on..
    I have since bought the medela SNS system to supplement at the breast BUTit is sooo difficult...
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