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    No sucking reflex

    My sister had a baby girl Thursday night and she has no sucking reflex. She won't take the breast, a bottle, or even suck on your finger. Her midwives said they've never seen anything like it. They...
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    Re: Weaning to get pregnant?

    I envy all of you. I exclusively breastfed. No bottles, no pacis. And yet I got mine back the very next month after my PP bleeding stopped. I am not one of the lucky ones. Anyways, good luck on...
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    Clear Discharge After Weaning?

    A friend of mine just weaned her DD a week ago and has been having clear/watery discharge ever since. Her right breast is also hard on top. We've been trying to get some info on it and read that if...
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    Re: do toddlers EVER wean on their own?

    My daughter is 31 months and just weaned herself a few weeks ago. I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant and have been dried up for a while now so I'm sure that influenced it. I definitely saw that gradual...
  5. Re: She's weaning herself!...and a question

    Thank you! I feel a lot better now:ita
  6. She's weaning herself!...and a question

    I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant and my milk dried up a few weeks ago, but I've still been letting Natalie dry nurse even though my nipples are so sore and it KILLS. I can definitely see her weaning...
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    Re: We made it!

    Congrats! I'm so happy for you!:clap
  8. Re: Last attemp to find help ... I'm about to quit!

    My heart really goes out to you. My daughter and I battled thrush for the first six weeks of her life and I went through two bouts with mastitis during that time as well. I too got to the point where...
  9. It feels so wierd to post here, but....

    I've thought about it a lot and I feel like it's time to wean my DD. She turned 2 the beginning of last month and DH and I just started TTC our second. I know a lot of women nurse throughout their...
  10. Re: We Reached The 2 Year Mark Last Week!

    Thanks so much, Ladies! :hug
  11. We Reached The 2 Year Mark Last Week!

    Natalie turned 2 last Wednesday! I don't know where the time has gone! We had a really rocky start with breastfeeding in the beginning and it's so great to say now that we've made it 2 whole years...
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    Re: Can I brag about my boy?

    lol, that is so sweet! :love
  13. Re: Finally Made It to the One Year Club!!!

    Great job, Mama! Congrats! :clap
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    Re: girls are 4.5 years

    Awesome! Great job, Mama:clap
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    Re: Cows Milk

    I waited until 17 months to introduce cow's milk to my LO and she didn't turn it away or anything, but she's really not that big on cow's milk. I think that's just because she prefers the boobie...
  16. Re: How do you respond to someone who thinks..

    My LO will be 2 in July and I still nurse her in public. No one has ever said anything negative to me about it except for family members. Personally, I've never had an issue with nursing in public...
  17. Re: Anyone else gaining weight or am I the only one???

    I feel for ya. I gained 38 pounds during my pregnancy and had lost 25 of it by my 6 week pp appointment. I thought I was doing great and then somehow managed to gain 15 of it back after a few more...
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    Re: Cutest Thing Ever

    Aww...that's so sweet! I love those little lovey moments:gvibes
  19. Re: Should I give my bf baby formula/goats milk/soy?

    That's tough. Umm...I really don't know what I'd do. I don't think I'd give soy formula though because I've read that's even further from breastmilk than regular formula.
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    Cutest Thing Ever

    I was getting ready to nurse Natalie to sleep tonight and right before she latched on she goes, "Thank you, mama!" Then she nursed for a second, pulled off and said thank you again! It was so sweet I...
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    Re: letdown sensation...

    I can't say it's ever happened to me before, but that is so cool:ita
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    Re: sending love to all you new mamas

    The beginning weeks can be so hard, but when you get through it the sense of accomplishment and pride make everything worth it. And that milky little smile from your LO as they nurse will make any...
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    Re: We just hit 2 years!!!

    Awesome! You should be so proud of yourself for giving your LO such a great gift!:cheer
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    Re: whole milk

    WIC just told me my 21 month old should be drinking 20oz a day. I told them DD drinks no where near that much a day, but she's still nursing and they said that's fine as long as she's still nursing.
  25. Re: check out stats on health benefits BFing

    Oooo...thanks for posting that. I love reading about all the great things that I'm doing for my baby through breastfeeding. It's always kept me motivated. I think I'm gonna pass that link along to...
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