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    Re: Ouch! Biting me while nursing!!

    Thank you very much for the extensive information! I am going to try those techniques when I nurse next. My son has been a pretty good breast-feeder up to this point and we never had problems with...
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    Ouch! Biting me while nursing!!

    My DS is 6.5 months old and has all four of his front teeth. He constantly bites me when latching on and then again when he finishes nursing. I take him off, look him in the eye and say a firm "No"...
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    Re: Should I pump out foremilk?

    I am having a similar problem. I find if my DS sleep well at night, then I am in pain from engorgement in the morning. I have been trying to block feed, but find some mornings I need to pump one...
  4. Re: Very frequent feedings!! Should I supplement?

    Thank you so much for all of the suggestions and support! I thought maybe I was doing something wrong or that my milk was not adequate. Today was a better day - my son slept more and ate a little...
  5. Very frequent feedings!! Should I supplement?

    Hello. I am new to this discussion site and would appreciate some advice. For the past 1.5 week my 6-week old son is wanting to nurse all the time and I am at my wits end! He was born a healthy...
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