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  1. Re: 1yr old baby still BFing, but how much is enough?

    Booooo. Doctors with bad advice should be flagged and removed from practice. My son nursed exclusiely (yes, pretty much exclusively) for 22 months. The US is the only country in the US that...
  2. Re: Conflicted About Changing Nursing Relationship

    My son was 20 months when we became pregnant with our second- this was in February of this year. Before this time he was nursing once in the morning, I pumped once or twice for him while he was at...
  3. Re: Why would he be ok with yogurt but not milk/ice cream?

    A woman at my local LLL meetings has a son with food alergies and she was explaining this a few weeks ago saying that different dairy products have differing amounts of milk proteins and that it is...
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    Re: Pumping for Baby Over 1 YO

    I continued pumping after my son was over a year, I actually just stopped pumping in the last 2 weeks at work and my son will be 2 on June 9th. From 12 months to 18 months, I pumped twice a day at...
  5. Does Extended BF cause feeding problems?

    Hi Guys,
    DS is almost 22 months old. We've had a great nursing relationship (meaning he loves it, I love it, family tolerates it, daycare doesn't complain about it, etc...) Anyway, he refuses most...
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    Re: Travel to Greece

    I don't have any experience with Greece in particular, but all European and Mediteranean countries that I have travelled to are very open to nursing (much more so than the US) and you will frequently...
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    Re: weight check and worried

    If it serves as some consolation, my son started out normal/big at 9lbs8oz and really hasn't grown at a rate that would be normal for a kid his size at birth. At 22 months, he is hovering right...
  8. Re: How can I convince my 6 year old to stop?

    If your son nurses mostly in the evening and at night, you could offer that once he stops he could have a sleep over with a cousin or school friend. Perhaps it would be the motivation he needs to...
  9. Re: Advice about starting a "pumping policy"

    I didn't ask my employer, but rather told them that this is something I would be doing, asked them to please work with me to find suitable times that would not be too much of a hassle with their...
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    Re: Fenugreek Anyone??

    I don't want to be the judge of if you *need* to use it or not because that can be controversial. However, I can say that when I took it faithfully every day, I did notice an increase in my supply-...
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    Re: Eyes Not on Me???

    I don't know the technical answers to your questions- but I do know that I had the exact same questions.
    In response to the first question about being belly to belly and not really being able to...
  12. Re: 2 YO girl still waking 3-4X/night to b-feed!

    Yeah, it's funny how waking up at 2am and 4 am and 6 am to nurse goes from being sweet to being highly annoying.... I'm currently battling the same thing and to be honest, don't like the person I'm...
  13. Re: 1st overnight trip without my 15 month old - pump or not?

    If you have room for your pump and can easily take it with you, you might as well take it and that way you'll have the option to use it if you get uncomfortable. Then you won't be stuck squeezing...
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    Re: Since we'll be here in 2 days...

    Congratulations! When I examine my whole parenting experience thus far, nourishing my child has been the most enjoyable. I think that now, perhaps more than ever, your child needs to be nursed....
  15. Re: Exclusive BF @ 19 mos (almost) and Birth Control

    Thanks for the advice. I think I am goign to cut back on the dry snack-type food because he could be eatig that out of habit and filling up on it like Healthymama said. I am going to keep nursing him...
  16. Re: Sensative Breasts after menstrating.

    I notice it about a week befor emy period and it continues until about the 3rd day of my period- it becomes so unbearably painful that I can't stand it, but somehow, I just breathe through it and try...
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    Re: 15 month old - few solids

    Since DS was 12 months, I thought that one day he would just decide he wanted to eat. I'm still waiting for that day and he is over 19 months. I'm still holding out for that day and I just keep...
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    Re: Tons of criticism

    When Mohamed was around a year, I got the same reactions. Now, I just don't make a big deal about it. I try to keep him fed and happy when we are out so he won't ask for it. I figure, if they don't...
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    Re: Getting a bad latch

    I was wondering the same thing. DS never had a good latch, but it is definitely getting worse. I even try to physically open it wider, but he resists big time. I find that if he is half asleep (like...
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    Re: Sleepless...

    I don't have much advice for you, but I do have sympathy. Mohamed is 19 months and continues to wake at least 3 times at night, usually more like 4-5. The only thing I've been able to do is change my...
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    Re: What do you call it?

    We call it "milk". That way, even if I'm in the middle of a store and he says it, I don't get the odd looks from people thatI'm still nursing a toddler and I don't have to try to explain to them....
  22. Exclusive BF @ 19 mos (almost) and Birth Control

    Hey Guys,
    It's been so long since i've been on here, but I've reached a point where i'm becoming concerned with the nursing habits of my son.
    Background: Mohamed is 19 months, we had a rough time...
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    Re: Bedtime for 10 Month Old

    DS always went to bed late (between 9-10:30) and woke up around 7. The one reason that it was ok with me was becuase we were at home together and he could take 2 good two hour naps a day with me. ...
  24. Re: Is there a cap on how many bottles can I give a day?

    It's difficult to say because he is at an integral age for nipple confussion. If you have a local LC you could be fitted for a nipple shield to temorarily help you in the healing process.

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    Re: 16 mo old

    Hey mama! You are actually ahead of the game compared to us- DS is 16 months also, and he barely eats any other foods. Some days we may be able to get him to eat a jar of baby food, and he will munch...
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