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  1. Re: Do you have an age set in your mind you wont nurse past?

    I said a year with DS and BF till he was 14 months, I worked and way back then it was harder to do when you worked. With DD we weaned at 2 yo and although it wasn't my choice at the time it was the...
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    Re: Your first exposure to ENing?

    Well my first exposure to BF at all was when I was about 14 and thought how cool was that. I knew from that point on that is what I wanted to do. When I had DS almost 17 yrs ago.. I never gave it a...
  3. Temas: thyroid

    by CreekerMom

    Re: thyroid

    I found this today in one of my emails and thought I would pass it along.


    Normal TSH Ranges During Each Trimester...
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    Re: definition of extended BF

    I have to laugh as I too got the looks and the comments from extended family members when I occasionally mentioned that we still were nursing.
    I actually has DH's aunt who is in her late 40's or...
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    Re: Weaning to Take Medication

    From my experience I would pump and dump... if you still want to nurse
    but it is going to be hard as she will fuss I am sure.. but she may wean during this 7 day cycle... or soon after... It was...
  6. Re: Parenting Magazine extended breastfeeding poll

    Thanks Maureen for that link :)
    I went and voted and also sent and email to give my 2 cents :)

    Here is the results as of 4:20pm EST Thurs 1/26:

    Do you think it's a good idea for moms to...
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    Re: Falling asleep at the breast.. still!

    I remember those days well and Madison was 2 when she weaned... as I would nurse and then she would fall asleep. I started to nurse her and then let DH actually put her to sleep and then I would just...
  8. Re: Parenting Magazine extended breastfeeding poll

    I went to the link and didn't see it... tried to search for it... didn't find it...
    Can you copy the page link please...
    I would love to add my 2 cents... :)
  9. Re: HELP getting Toddler to nurse with New Baby

    I think too what HBSMomma said was perfect... I know a friend of mine wanted her toddler to try to nurse again and he had NO interest....
    but I would try what HBSmomma said she has a valid point and...
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    Re: constipation with intro of solids?

    In response to being constipated.. I was told anything that started with a "P"
    would help.. prunes, pears, peaches... I had to start DS with cereal young as he had what they now refer to as REFLUX...
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    Re: Nipple Soreness

    Although it has been sometime for me, I remember all too well.
    When I nursed DS he was the perfect nursling but when I had DD some 14 yrs later... that was something else. for 15 wks... yes I said...
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    Re: Support for extended breastfeeding

    I just wanted to add my 2 cents... I nursed as well till my DD was 2, I got negative feedback from family and the comments it took all I had not to say something back. All I did respond to saying was...
  13. Re: I never thought nursing a toddler would be so gratifying

    I too have to agree, I nursed Madison till she was 24 months I would have gone longer but a Dr I was seeing wanted to put me on some Meds that were harmful to her so I weaned.. I didn't know how I...
  14. Temas: Help!

    by CreekerMom

    Re: Help!

    Here is link to Cold and Allergy Remedies Compatible with Breastfeeding

    See too if you can get a copy of this book
    "** Per Medications' and...
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    Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    I think there is a wealth of knowledge and I just wanted to offer some support.
    My first DS was the perfect nurser... many years later... DD didn't properly latch on for 15 weeks!:eek:
    I was...
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