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    Re: Pumping questions - not getting enough

    i haven't tried going out since he's been on solids... but the last time we went out he had about 6oz of breastmilk, and I'd guess we were gone for about four hours. Just enough for a movie and...
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    Pumping questions - not getting enough

    I'm using the avent ISIS manual pump occassionally, just when my husband and I want to go on a date or something like that, and when I pump, I only get about 2oz at a time unless I pump right away in...
  3. Re: not pumping enough and going back to work

    i used the PIS, and had the same sort of problems when i went to work, switched out some spare parts, and it worked better for awhile, but I ended up getting a hand pump, and I do a little better...
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    Re: Do I need to sterilize each time???

    i've got a microwave sterilizer from avent that works nicely. then you won't have to keep buying and tossing the medela bags.
  5. Re: Introducing solids and Juice - and chubby baby

    thanks for the info. Johnny is just starting to scoot along on the floor, and he loves jumping around in his play saucer. we cut back on the solids today, and fed mostly bm, a few finger foods and...
  6. Re: DS having tounge surgery/fear he will want to wean afterwards...

    my second daughter has a tongue tie, and it interfered with nursing a little, but positioning her in the football position helped, and now she's stretched the tongue a little and can stick it out,...
  7. Introducing solids and Juice - and chubby baby

    my son is 7 mos old, and is just now starting solids. He eats rice or oatmeal baby cereal at lunch, and then has some fingerfoods like cheerios or veggie-rice puffs. He nurses on-demand, which varies...
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