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  1. I think it's coming to an end......

    Lucas went to sleep tonight without nursing. We have been down to nursing 2X day for the past month and I have noticed that I have not felt a let-down for at least 2 wks. I had set 2 yrs as my goal...
  2. Re: Still exclusively breastfeeding....

    One more thought......
    Does he sit with you at the table while you're eating? That's the only way we can get Lucas to try something new, is if he watches us eating it.
  3. Re: Still exclusively breastfeeding....

    What kinds of solids are you trying? Are you trying to feed him or let him feed himself?

    DS was/is a terrible eater. He really didn't take any solids (besides cherrios) until he was 14 mos old. ...
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    Re: Help! Nursing while lying down

    I had a really hard time with the side lying position until DS was less "floopy". It wasn't until he was 4-5 mos that we were pros at it. I also think (for me anyway) that it would be easier to...
  5. Re: 3 months old and still eats every two hours

    DS nursed every 2 hrs around the clock until he was 14 mos old. I chalked up his frequent need to nurse on my small storage capacity and his need for comfort nursing. Each baby spaces feedings at...
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    Re: How long have you been

    We are at 18 months and nursing 2-3X/dy. I don't plan on going beyond 2 yrs.
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    Re: My chubby baby....am I right?

    You can not overfeed a BF baby. PERIOD. I am confused why your MIL thinks that a baby in the 20% percentile would be too chubby??? At 7 wks my DS was 14 lbs. You are the mom and get to make the...
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    Re: Poly-vi-Sol

    I think it depends on the kid and how well-balanced their diet is. We do give DS a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement b/c he is a terrible eater. Not only picky but many days will eat virtually...
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    Re: 3 more days until my GOAL.....

    Baby steps.... Keep setting goals and who knows where it will lead you!

    :clap :cow (love the new cow!):broc
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    Re: baby's lip - chapped or blister?

    It's called a nursing callous. Very normal. DS had one until he was 3-5 wks old (can't really remember).
  11. Re: How Often Did Your LO Nurse at 1 Year?

    I think DS was on the other side of "normal" at 12 mos, so this probably won't help. He was still nursing every 2 hrs around the clock at 1 yr - at least 10X a day. He drastically cut the feedings...
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    Re: avent isis duo users

    I have the Avent Isis IQ Duo. I thought it was great, especially when I was working - no complaints. It was comfortable and easy to use. I liked that you could custom the suck/speed setting. I...
  13. Re: For those of you who have LOs in child care

    Thank you everyone. That helps. The math doesn't make sense to put DS in daycare....YEAH!
  14. For those of you who have LOs in child care

    I went back to work when DS was 4 mos. During that time he was at home with dad 1/2 the day then when I got home DH went to the office. Turned out we were unable to make the situation work so we...
  15. Re: Early induction..will my milk come in on time?

    Don't worry. Actually, milk production is stimulated by the delivery of the placenta - no matter how far along you are. BF as soon as you can after delivery and feed on demand and you will be just...
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    Re: Raisins?

    We introduced raisins at 17 mos. We know DS swallows them whole b/c they come out the other end as grapes! :yikes :lol So, not sure he's getting any nutrition from them but he loves them.
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    Re: Help! 2 wk old in my bed!!

    It could take a little time. Your LO is so very young yet and still trying to get used to life on the "outside". This time is often termed the "fourth trimester". DS slept on top of me his 1st 4...
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    Re: Growth spurt at 6 months?

    Definitely! Growth spurt at 6 mos is textbook. I found the 6 mos growth spurt to be the most noticeable. Probably, b/c the first several were clustered so close together in those 1st 3 mos.
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    Re: Is there an upper limit?

    I keep pushing my "goal" out. At first it was 12 mos, then 18mos. DS will be 18 mos Oct 5th so :shrug I currently have it in my head that I won't go past 2 - not personally comfortable BF a child...
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    Re: Is he behind?

    I wouldn't worry. Despite offering solids from age 6 mos, DS didn't have any interest until he was 14 mos (besides O's). Each baby is on their own readiness timeline.
  21. Re: slow weight gain: am i not bf-ing enough?

    Has your LO gained 20.3 oz from birthweight or her lowest post-birthweight? It is normal to take 2-3 wks to just regain birthweight. If your LO has gained 20 oz beyond that in only a month, I'd say...
  22. Re: Help, I am a human milk factory?? Is this TOO much??

    You are getting plenty done! You're caring for your LO which is your priority right now. Laundry/dishes/ect can wait.....It won't last forever.
  23. Re: Going back to work soon -should I pump yet?

    Maybe start pumping once 1st thing in the morning (when your body naturally produces more milk). Then, depending on how things go, increase the frequency to 2X a day (you don't want to pump too much...
  24. Re: Help, I am a human milk factory?? Is this TOO much??

    I know how you're feeling. After the BF classes I took and all the reading I was still completely unprepared for how demanding BF was in the beginning. It seemed as though DS was attached to me ALL...
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    Re: Lo not napping well

    DS did not nap well until he was ~10 mos old. Several 15-20 min naps/day are pretty typical at your LO's age. It will get better eventually.
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