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    Re: 8 mo refuses solids and bottles

    Thanks all... we have let him have finger foods like cheerios, mum-mums, fruits, etc... he will pick them up and bring it to his mouth. However, once it hits his mouth he shakes his head, closes his...
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    8 mo refuses solids and bottles

    My LO is still refusing any types of foods. We have tried a variety of foods.. Puréed and cereals, but he either blocks, shudders, spits, or gags when it is placed in his mouth. For the first three...
  3. Re: Can congestion be related to an allergy?

    I have.. twice.. and they claim that this is due to teething. They won't do any allergy tests until they are at least a year old. :angrypin So I guess I am on my own to try and figure it out and get...
  4. Can congestion be related to an allergy?

    My soon to be 8 month old is sick again! He has been sick with the same congestion like symptoms for the last 3 months. He might have a week or two at most of being symptom free at a time. He is...
  5. Re: 7 M- issues w/bottle, food, & milk s

    Thank you for letting me know that this is "normal" for a 7 MO... I was getting worried that my supply wouldn't re-establish itself after a certain age. I will take a look at the threads for BLS to...
  6. 7 M- issues w/bottle, food, & milk suppl

    This is my first time using this forum.. bare with me. I have a few concerns with my 7 month old. He is strictly breastfed... completely refuses ANY type of bottle even from somebody else. It is...
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