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    Re: Heart broken, please help!

    Thank you for all of your suggestions!! I will keep trying :) I primarily bottle feed because of convenience I guess... I am a FTM @ 32 and when my son was born I had severe baby blues. Breastfeeding...
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    Heart broken, please help!

    My son is 4 months old and has primarily bottle fed with pumped breast milk. I have always tried to nurse him at least a few times a week because we both enjoy the bonding time. My son has been an...
  3. Baby sleeping through night, but breasts wake me up......

    My 7 week old sleeps through the night and has pretty much since he was about 2 weeks old. I know he is getting enough to eat because he is gaining weight and is a very healthy boy. So my concern is...
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    Supply issue in one breast

    I'm having an issue producing milk on one side. I pump and nurse. My left breast will produce easily 4oz and my right struggles to produce between 1.5-2oz per session. Not sure if this is...
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