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    Re: Would you give up nursing if...

    First of all, I will just come right out and say that your husband smoking is not healthy for HIM, YOU, or your child. So he has some nerve telling you that mere BFing is making anyone unhealthy.
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    Re: Nursing an 8 year old...

    :lol My daughter could ask for milk when she was 9 months old!! It's called SIGN LANGUAGE!! :lol

    Funny considering the AAP recommends nursing for at least 3 months after that!!
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    Re: How long does it take?

    You're doing GREAT, mama!

    Don't sweat the poop! Breastfed baby stools are often watery. That's normal. My DD is almost 14 months and was exclusively BF until 10 months. She would have an...
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    Re: Drastic Measures

    Have you tried Kathleen Huggins' book, "The Nursing Mother's Guide to Weaning"? I received her "Nursing Mother's Companion" as a gift while I was pregnant and found it extremely helpful.
  5. Re: How much solids do you feed your 1 year old?


    My daughter will be 14 months old at the end of the month. She is a very picky eater and got a late start on solids at 10 months. Before that she was exclusively BF. It wasn't until she was...
  6. 12 mo. old - delayed solids, loves to nurse!

    Here we are again....have been trying to give DD solids on and off since 6 months but she will have hardly anything to do with them!! She only has 2 teeth right now (1 year old) and didn't even eat...
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    Re: Fearing neurological problem

    I remember my daughter's jaw trembling ALL the time when she was nursing as a wee one. To this day her eyes still roll back and forth sometimes as she nurses. So sounds normal to me!
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    Re: Not interested in solids yet

    :ita Same here! DD was 10 months when she took interest in solids. And she has never liked bananas one bit! OR sweet potatoes (she gets the latter from her dad). Her first solid that she really...
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    Re: Real food instead of purees....

    My DD started solids late...at 10 months...and has never had anything to do with purees or baby food. She has always HATED them!! I think she ate purees for a grand total of about 3 days before...
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    Re: Hard, painful breast w/ no milk

    :ita Yep, sounds like a blocked duct to me. I would get those every once in a while. My mom bought the "Gerber Breast Therapy Warm or Cool Relief Packs" for me...at Wal-Mart I think...and after...
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    Re: Is my 9 mo. old on track?

    I'll give you my DD's MWF schedule since that's when she's at daycare:

    7:00 - wakes up to nurse, then goes back to sleep
    10:00 - up for play time
    11:00 - nurses
    12:30 - off to daycare
    1:30 -...
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    Re: Times sure have changed!

    Yup, I know what you mean, too. My mom's baby book states that she started solids at 2 months old. DD is 7.5 months and has no use for any solids apart from little rice crackers I give her when I'm...
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    Re: Whats going on with my 7 month old?

    :ita My DD is 7 months old as well, and she doesn't eat solids at all!! She is just now getting to where she wants to put food I eat into her mouth. I've tried offering solids before, but she...
  14. Shooting pain between feedings -- vasospasm/thrush?

    Hi ladies,

    For the past few days I've been experiencing sharp, shooting pains beginning in the upper part of my breast and sometimes continuing down to the nipple area. This does not occur when...
  15. Re: 8m old, solids aren't in the picture much

    I hear ya, mama!! DD is only 6 mo. 1 wk., but I've offered solids several times and she wants nothing to do with them!! She is very happy with BM only for now, although she does not nurse as many...
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    Re: Step away from the blender!!

    DD and I had our first run with BLS today. We tried banana...and I don't think she is too much of a fan!! I mushed about half of a small banana up and put it on her high chair tray. She played in...
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    Re: Foregoing cereal?

    BLS sounds like a plan to me for now!! I am pretty confident that if I just put some mashed up foods on her tray she will undoubtedly rub her little fingers in them and put them right in her mouth!!...
  18. Still WAY too much milk after 6 months!!

    DD is just days shy of being 6 months old, and my supply has not yet adjusted to her needs. :shrug I still have WAY too much milk, leaking so much that I normally wear 4 nursing pads on each breast...
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    Foregoing cereal?

    DD will be 6 months old on Monday. She is happy with exclusive BF of course, but has also been showing interest in whatever I eat and is showing all of the signs of being ready for solids. Earlier...
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    Re: Rash or acne around breasts?

    Yes, I've heard of this type of yeast as well but was hoping that wasn't the problem...thanks for the reply! I'll check out the other post!
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    Rash or acne around breasts?

    Hello ladies :hello,

    For a couple of months I've had an itchy, red patch of skin underneath my breasts near where my bra fits around my chest. I think this may be like a heat rash or just...
  22. Poll: Re: Poll:If 1 breast makes more milk than the other,does it correspond w/your handedn

    Mine aren't necessarily lopsided, but I'm right-handed and my left boob is the milkiest!! Weird, huh? :shrug
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    Poll: Re: which breast makes more milk?

    Great poll...I've been thinking about making up a full survey to post here for BFing moms once I get the time...that way new mommies can just take a look if they feel "abnormal" and hopefully feel...
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    Re: Bruised feeling in breasts

    :ita Sounds like a plugged duct to me, even if you cannot feel the lump. I had a plugged duct exactly like this for about 3 days not long ago...I guess the PD was just really deep inside the...
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    Re: Blood in his spit up?

    My DD did the same thing over Christmas and I just about stroked!! I've had cracked nipples from the beginning that are just now healing completely up, and DD had managed to draw a tiny bit of blood...
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