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  1. 3 year old sickness + increased nursing

    For one I cannot believe i'm nursing a three year old :yikes Never thought i'd be able to say that. In any case between single motherhood and school I don't come around often but when it comes to 3...
  2. Vacation in a Month, Considering Weaning

    I am *strongly* considering weaning DD. Her nursing has been driving me up the wall for months now. She is 31 months now (just over 2.5) and absolutely obsessed with nursing. If I allowed it, she...
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    Re: Birth control?

    I have a copper IUD and I absolutely LOVE it (Flexi-T). Insertion was a breeze and while my periods are a tiny bit longer (one day) and slightly more crampy, it was the best decision I have made...
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    Re: What are your breasts "called"?

    Mum-Mum......or more recently "MINE" :lol
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    Re: Do you think I'll need to pump?

    I second bringing the pump. I was away from DD (27 months) for exactly 24 hours 3 weeks ago. And I thought i'd be fine. I woke up in the morning SOOO engorged that it was painful and even hand...
  6. Temas: AF?

    by @llli*kalynasmom

    Re: AF?

    I made it to 25.5 months. And then it hit! Darnit!
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    Re: Horribly Conflicted

    Neither of my parents would ever let her cry. But they panic at the idea of her waking up at night and not being able to give her anything (since she doesn`t drink cows milk).

    I don`t think it...
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    Re: Horribly Conflicted

    Yes I definitely could set it up without being away all night since she doesn`t fall asleep until 10-11pm anyways. Although it would be great if she could fall asleep for my mom before I got home. I...
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    Horribly Conflicted

    I`ve come to a point in our nursing relationship where it would truly benefit me to be able to leave DD for long periods of time and even a night. I feel very selfish and guilty for saying that I...
  10. Re: GRRRRR. Any advice greatly appreciated!

    No good advice but tons of understanding :hug

    DD is 25 months old and her pinching and scratching the other breast is beyond unbearable. I wish when she was younger I would have really spent the...
  11. Re: I keep waiting to get to the point where I consistently ENJOY breastfeeding...

    If someone would have been willing to teach DD to latch properly for me I would have been all for it! :lol

    ETA: I think the fact that formula, SNS, etc. and all that stuff didn't exist just...
  12. Re: I keep waiting to get to the point where I consistently ENJOY breastfeeding...

    If you would have asked me when DD was a newborn if I would still nursing at a year I would have said HECK NO! I really never entertained the idea of nursing past 1 at all. No one I knew has done it...
  13. Re: I keep waiting to get to the point where I consistently ENJOY breastfeeding...

    :hug sorry your having such a rough time mama. PP made some great points. it sounds like your on the right track. I just wanted to chime in to say that 2 years ago I could have written (actually I...
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    Re: How often does your toddler nurse?

    DD turned 2 yesterday....she nurses all the time. She would nurse every second of the day if she could. She also wakes up 6-8 times a night to nurse and is probably attached all night long
  15. Re: Domperidone Question (will my supply go down if I wean off?)

    Dr Newman has a good read about how to wean off the Dom:
    Personally I stayed...
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    Re: HELP BLS'ers! She choked!

    Actually I would think giving your baby a tiny peice of apple is actually MORE dangerous then giving a whole peeled one. Small peices can get stuck, but they can't bite off big enough peices from the...
  17. Re: I hope it's not too nosy and won't offend anyone, but how old are you?

    23.....i'm pretty sure the last two years of sleepless nights have given me wrinkles and if it makes any difference my boobs look about 87
  18. Re: What names have your babies called BF?

    it's always been and remains "Mum-Mum"
  19. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    when your 22 month old tells you that your milk is "yucky pee pee" lol :lol
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    Re: Beggar's night then....

    That all sounds really horrible. Hope he feels better soon and you figure out whats wrong with the little guy :hug
  21. Re: About to give up, please help my baby latch!

    The other PPs have given you good advice I just wanted to offer some :hug As someone who had horrificaly painful nursing sessions for closer to 3 months due to a poor latch and a variety of other...
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    Re: Traveling & so nervous...

    are you the one driving? If not why not just sit in the back with the baby and nurse when he wakes up, without having to pull over or stop the car? Thats what I do with DD :gvibes
  23. Re: Can I just tell you he nurses like a newborn?


    DD is 22 months and still nurses every single opportunity she gets which is far more then every 2 hours during the day and constantly at night. I think if you weaned now your going to have a...
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    Re: Getting DH "on board"

    I remember one time when DDs father said something about him and i going out for a night when DD would have been around 14 months old. I said I probably wouldnt be able to and his response was that...
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    Re: Recurring Thrush

    What about Grapefruit Seed Extract? That made the biggest difference for us kicking the thrush
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