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  1. Re: Moving - How to Transport Freezer Stash

    Yes, I know it is a large stash. It was rather unintentional. I only had 25oz when I went back to work. I respond well to the pump, and DD doesn't take a whole lot at daycare. Even pumping once a day...
  2. Moving - How to Transport Freezer Stash

    We are moving cross country in a few weeks and I am trying to figure out how to move my freezer stash. There is about 500 oz.

    I was planning to ship it fedex overnight in a cooler with dry ice...
  3. Re: where should I donate my breast pumps and accessories?

    Medela now has a recycling program too.

  4. Re: Unusual Tongue Tie - Anyone have one like this?

    Terrific. The only issue was my pain. It was clipped at 5 weeks.
    Born 7lb 5oz
    Discharge 6lb 9 oz
    5 day 7lb 3oz
    2 week 8lb 0oz
    8 week 11lb 6oz (I think that is 9oz/week)
  5. Re: Unusual Tongue Tie - Anyone have one like this?

    Yes, that sounds similar to my daughter's. She could extend her tongue, and her latch 'looked' right from the outside. We saw 2 different IBCLCs who put their fingers in LO's mouth to feel her suck,...
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    Re: sort of a BF question

    Sounds like you already have it figured out, but my kids do something similar when they need to be burped. Or when my son was really young, when he needed to poop.
  7. Re: What if freezer lost electricity for a while

    My home seems to get a lot of power outages.

    We have a chest freezer in the basement, and have had several outages around 4 hours. I don't worry about those. I know we have had regular food in...
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    Re: Drop in Supply from Skipped Session?

    Maybe try some pump maintenance? Replace the white membranes if it is a Medela pump and there is probably some equivalent on other brands.

    FTR, I got my period back at 9 months with my first and 3...
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    Re: frequent feedings

    Nursing my 2nd was very disconcerting because I have never once been engorged or felt full. I could not even tell when my milk came in! But she gains weight like a champ.
  10. Re: Pumping and bottle-feeding after 1 year

    I planned to switch DS to a sippy at a year. He had other plans. He took a sippy with water just fine, but refused it for breastmilk. But at 16 months, we switched to sippies. And now at 2.5, he...
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    Re: Safe to decrease pumping at work?

    Unfortunately, you don't really know without trying. Since you said the 8 hour day is the busiest, and it is only 1 day/week, I would drop to 2 pumps that day and see what happens. If you feel like...
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    Re: Working Nights and Pumping

    I agree that a 4-hour stretch is pretty long for a 2 month old to go multiple times a day. I would tell your MIL that she needs to follow your wishes for taking care of your baby. Then I would lock...
  13. Re: Pumping while at Work-Supply Dropping!

    I would say that pumping 4-6oz every 2 hours was an oversupply situation. I think 6-12 weeks is when your supply regulates, so it is not necessarily unexpected that your pump output would decrease.
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    Re: To get or not to get (a new pump)

    I was in the same position when #2 was born. I chose to order the new pump, just in case. However, I have been using the old one. I'm not quite sure why. It and I have a lot of history together, and...
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    Re: Pump & Dump!?

    I would not pump and dump. And no doctor suggested it for me when i went milk free and eventually soy free for DS. It will take about a week for all traces of milk to leave your system. And then...
  16. Re: Milk fat stuck to bottle during transfer

    I hold the bottle with my thumb and forefinger right at the level where the fat is stuck. That way my body heat warms it slightly. Then I swirl so that the lower milk washes over the fat. I usually...
  17. Re: Can't keep up...and want to get away from pumping.

    Is this true? I am pretty sure that the instructions that came with my pump said to use the highest setting that was comfortable, which for me is just under halfway. If the above is true, that you...
  18. Re: Almost 3 month old - eating enough? pumping output decre

    One possibility is that nursing/pumping only 6 times a day might have been few enough times a day that you ovulated. My DD was doing a long sleep stretch at night, and with pumping rather then...
  19. Re: Going back to work, pumping time questions

    I agree with PP to make sure you are feeding on demand and not by the clock. Also, my kids have never been consistent. Just because they ate at 6 AM and then 9 AM (for example) for a week, didn't...
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    Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Mine is from 2012, and the button lets me switch both ways. I find it quite useful. If I notice my letdown has started, I switch to regular mode early because I think that is more efficient. And then...
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    Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    Sorry, duplicate post.
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    Re: 'Following a letdown' when pumping?

    You know there is a let-down button on the PISA, right? It is the one button on the front and switches between let-down mode and regular mode. It is still hitting a button every 2 minutes, but better...
  23. Re: Baby Refusing Bottle During Specific Feeding Only

    I have to agree with the PP, if baby doesn't want a bottle, I don't see why it is a problem to wait and try again later. Maybe they are misreading the cues? My DD would start rooting and sucking on...
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    Re: Am I nursing too often?

    Maybe I am off on my terminology. I thought a letdown was just when milk started coming out. And therefore you had to have had a letdown in order to pump 2 oz? But someone else was telling me almost...
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    Re: 6 Months Old Now, you can do it too!

    Well done! Congratulations on getting this far.
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