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    Re: argh thrush

    Thanks for the quick response! Too bad I didn't read this before I went to run errands--I think it would be tough to get out again to get the grapefruit seed extract although now I really want to! ...
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    argh thrush

    ok i have been doing some reading on the forum but still have some questions.

    First of all, my son is 4 months and we have had thrush for >2 months. I did oral anti-fungals twice, he has had...
  3. Re: Help! Breastfeeding with food intolerances

    first of all, i feel your pain--we're dairy-gluten-corn free. it's so hard to nurse and have your baby comforted and know he might be screaming or in pain 15 minutes later as a result. it's great if...
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