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  1. Re: don't want to give up on breastfeedi

    Thank you ladies' very much, I feel more supported than ever. Ya'l are helping me in boosting up my self-confidence about my milk supply as well. And I will do as advised, thank you very much.
  2. Re: don't want to give up on breastfeedi

    My little one just turned 2 months yesterday :)
    And well I was struggling on getting her to latch-on. Another question, most of the time, at the beginning when I started nursing her until now she...
  3. don't want to give up on breastfeeding

    when my little one was born, i breastfed her, once i got home my mother-in-law and in-laws would say that i wasn't producing any milk and didn't support me, now that she left back home i've been...
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