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  1. Re: Multiple Issues: BF 27mo, going back to work, shift work, pumping, sleeping, etc.

    Thank you so much for the response and suggestions!!! :hug :gvibes
  2. Multiple Issues: BF 27mo, going back to work, shift work, pumping, sleeping, etc...

    I wasn't sure where to put this... It could fit into many different places! I figured that since DD is 27mo, I'd start here. (Mods: please move this if you need to)

    I have SOOO many questions, so...
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    We made it to 2!!!

    E. just turned the big "2" at the end of last month. I'm happy to say that we're still going strong with nursing. :clap I never thought we'd go this long. I'm not sure when we're gonna stop; I'd like...
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    Re: We're Here!!!

    Oh, thank you all so much!!!!! :happytears
    I'm so very happy that we're here!!! It's so wonderful!
    Thank you all so much!!!! :happytears:hug
  5. Re: 3 weeks old, weight loss, about to start formula - HELP

    She called me earlier and left a message stating that I really helped her out, and that things seem good. I'm gonna email her and make sure things are good.

    Thank you ladies!!! :)
  6. Re: 3 weeks old, weight loss, about to start formula - HELP

    Thank you everyone! I'll check back here again later today to see if there's any more posts.
    Thank you!!!!!
  7. 3 weeks old, weight loss, about to start formula - HELP

    Hi. This is for a friend.
    I know that this is a common thing, but I wanted to post it and get feedback/advice.
    I'm gonna look over the forums later tonight for this situation and send her some...
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    We're Here!!!

    We've actually been here almost a week now! :o
    E. turned the big 1 on the 30th and we're still going strong.
    In the beginning I never thought we'd nurse past 6 months. HA!

    I wish I was on here...
  9. Re: Not gaining weight - Dad seeks advice!!!

    One thing to consider regarding the weight loss -

    Did your wife have any IVs/medications during labor? Sometimes the different IVs or medications administered during a labor can actually cause...
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    Re: breast pump blues

    :ita Check on WIC

    If that doesn't pan out, here's a few more things:
    Check your local LLL group. Maybe there is a mom there that has a pump she doesn't need anymore? Also - maybe the group has a...
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    Re: New to pumping causing discomfort

    Olive oil - you can lube up the shield/horn with it. Just around the opening where it would rub against your nipple/areola.
    Just a drop - a little bit goes a long way. It's helped me a lot!
  12. Re: How much should I pump at each session?

    There are some great links out there as far as guidelines.. Hopefully someone will have then on hand and can post them here.

    Something to remember: Frequency of pumping is better than duration....
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    Re: hold the pump?

    Yeah - doing the shirt/bra thing, or even doing the ponytailer-thing is awesome!
    If you're doing the ponytailer thing, remember that to help keep it in place, to bring your bra up over the bottom of...
  14. Re: I can't pump! Please help right away

    I'm not sure of your situation, but first thing I would do is try to relax and not think about it for a few moments (impossible, I know...).
    The more stressed you are, the harder it can be to get a...
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    Re: New to pumping causing discomfort

    (I'd answer some, but I'm strapped for time right now. sorry!)
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    Re: BreastMilk Storage

    My DH boils water in the teapot, then pours that into a bowl. Then he puts the bag of BM into it and "steeps" it (so that it's not constantly in boiling water). I guess that warms it up pretty...
  17. Re: Sad and Distressed (kind of a rant)


    I can't imagine how hard it is to face this decision!
    I'm a WOH mom and my DH is a SAHD. It's hard - I would LOVE to be at home, and I think he got more than he bargained for being a...
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    Re: Having a period while breastfeeding?

    I would also be concerned about the bleeding.
    I had what I thought was a period, but I was actually just doing too much and over-exerting myself. I forced myself to stay on the couch for about a...
  19. Re: Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    Thank you!!!
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    Re: Left side is going to pop!

    I would get plugged ducts all the time (on my "slow flow" side) if I went too long w/o pumping.
    So, what I do during EVERY pumping session is compression.

    I pump for about 15 minutes total. For...
  21. Should I decrease Pumping Frequency?

    DD is 10 months.
    I've been pumping at work for about 8 months.
    3 pumping sessions, 15 minutes each.
    Average output: 11oz

    While I'm at work, DD drinks about 8oz.
    DD gets solids at least once a...
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    Re: Cheap Hands-Free Pumping!!!

    Ha! I tried doing that method, but never stuck with it because it was still a pain-in-the-butt. I wish I would have thought about doing 3 rubber bands!!! :doh
    I'll have to try that next pumping...
  23. Re: Every night feeding is frustrating! HELP please!

    I had problems with DD not wanting to take the boob, even though she was very hungry and had been a few hours since she ate last.

    I had to catch her as soon as she woke up, every time. Once I...
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    Re: I'm at my wit's end

    If you can't find an LC, you can contact your local LLL Leader - she's there to help!
  25. Re: BLS - questions about frequency and consistency

    A little off-topic, but what about meat? And what about spices? Normally we spice or sauce up our chicken. Is that okay to give to her? We gave her plain chicken before and it was fine.

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