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  1. Re: Have you EVER heard of this!???? HELP!!

    But does vasospasm occur 10-20 minutes after you nurse? Cause that's when the pain hits and then it lasts up to 3 hours!
  2. Have you EVER heard of this!???? HELP!!

    My baby just turned a year and I recently cut down to 2 breastfeeding sessions a day. Morning and night. In the past week everytime I nurse him this happens.... 10-20 minutes after I nurse, just on...
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    Re: Cow's Milk vs. Goats Milk

    thanks for all the support ladies! my lo does nurse still very well! she averages 4-6 times a day still and wakes up at night still to nurse. that makes me feel better that we might not need to...
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    Cow's Milk vs. Goats Milk

    All right all you breastfeeding mommies out there, get your kleenex out...here's the saddest story of the week. I was lucky enough to be a dairy cow since having my milk come in over a year ago. And...
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    Nighttime Trials

    So. My 15 month old thinks she is still a newborn and loves to BF. Round the clock still even and has never, ever, ever, ever, ever slept through the night. She has been exclusively BF since the...
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    cloth diapering

    not sure is this is an ok place to post this but i am looking for a good cloth wipe solution. i am hoping to use my wipe warmer with a homemade solution. Yea for fluffy cloth bums! ;)
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    Hello all. So my LO is 4 months old and since she was 2 months she has been cosleeping with me and my husband. which i :love We have swaddled her to sleep from day one because she sleeps longer and...
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    Re: Ready to cry

    my chiropractor recommended the mother taking garlic when you are battling thrush. i have never had to deal with this extremely trying occurence, but she has and said it made all the difference in...
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    Horn size

    Hello everyone! i recently went back to work and am pumping 3 times per 12 hour shift while i am there. My LO is 3 1/2 months and I am still getting more pumping than she is eating when i am gone...
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    Re: Side lying feeding

    artsymomma...I know just what you mean! My LO is 3 1/2 months and we have been cosleeping since about 2 months, which is soooo FABULOUS!:gvibes Which during most of the nursing sessions she and I...
  11. Re: small baby and dealing with criticism

    This is sooooo important! When i went back to work i had nightmares about not producing enough mild while i was gone from my DD. But you have to believe that this is what your body was designed to do...
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    Re: Nursing Bra

    I bought a Bravada nursing bra right after my daughter was born and it is the most fabulous nursing bra i have ever owned! i love it! the oldest one i have i use to sleep in but the newer ones have...
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    Re: Reverse Cycling?

    yes we do co sleep (and i love it!) and that is going to be the only thing keeping me going when i am away. Thanks to this forum too! i would not have had the guts to actually start cosleeping (even...
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    Reverse Cycling?

    so I have to go back to work next week :cry and am wondering if there is a way to encourage my LO to nurse more frequently when i am home, so she doesn't want to nurse as often when i am away? i...
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    So i have to go back to work...

    Sigh...my LO is almost 3 months and i have to go back to work next week...sadness..i am dreading it wishing there was a way to never go back and stay home with her always...but my husband is in...
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    Re: OALD/OS and expressed milk

    congratulations on making enough milk to feed your little one for a long time! :clap:) i started pumping right away when i was engorged. it helped soo much and started my supply right away for when i...
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    Re: Oversupply on one side?


    i just have to tell you that when i read this it was like reading my own breastfeeding story! i experience the same thing! i don't really think that it is a bad thing, it doesn't bother me...
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    Re: Color of baby's stools - 3 months

    well..i have no scentific advice! but my daughter is almost 3 months old and her stools have also changed to a greenish color. still seedy but no longer mustard yellow. she is healthy, happy, and...
  19. Re: trying to BF after 2 mos. of pumping??

    dont give up! i think its worth calling al LLL member, it is amazing how much more empowered you feel if you have someone to help, sympathize and cheer you on! Remember don't feel like a failure...
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    Tips for flying with infant!

    Hey Ladies! So i am flying with my 2 month old at the end of this week and have never done that before! I am lookin for any tips y'all have on when to BF her and for how long. And does anyone have...
  21. Re: Vitamins?? Do you Give Them to you lo??

    my husband is a chiropractor and he recommended to me to just continue with my vitamins and not worry about giving her seperate ones until she doesnt BF as often...and as she is 2 months hopefully...
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    Re: Cosleeping

    thanks for all the great replies! new questions though...i have to go back to work at the end of this month (oh i cant even say it without bawling!) :( and will pump at work. I am a nurse and work...
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    Re: Please recommend vax books

    haven't read the dr sears one yet but on my way now that i got the good feedback! i have read ( on and off cause the downfall is its kind of wordy) Vaccines Are They Really Safe and Effective by Zeil...
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    Re: 5 hrs between feeds ?!

    Tough one, i know the feeling of wondering when your little one will decide she is hungry again, not to mention the sooner the better as your breasts are getting fuller and fuller! i have always just...
  25. Re: Trying to heal--how do I rest one side?

    man do i feel for you! except for me and my daughter it was my left side that was UNBEARABLE! she is 8 weeks as well and things are much better, but i still have to FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS on what i am...
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