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  1. Re: Anyone else with a high frequency nursling at 4 years ol

    I'm nursing my 4.25yo, but I use the term "nursing" loosely because he's most of the way to self-weaned by now. You can look back on some of my previous posts. Last year at this time, when he was...
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    Re: Injured Nipple

    Do you have any cuts or abrasions, or is the trauma limited to bruising/tenderness?
  3. Re: 20 month old wants to nurse in the pool

    This was exactly my DS around the same age (~23 months). What I did was nurse him before the trip to the pool, then again on the deck before getting into the pool. If he couldn't be held off during...
  4. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Tcylynx, I don't recall. I've been locked out of Facebook for several months now (account flagged for looking fake by FB; I won't provide government photo ID to "prove" my identity and have my...
  5. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Aw, Reena, I really feel for you!

    In your shoes, I'd want an endocrinologist referral to evaluate the full thyroid panel. Most GPs don't have sufficient training to deal with hormonal conditions...
  6. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Nah! Don't blame yourself! I'm on the right track now, and my experience might help other women in a similar situation. :)
  7. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Reena, I think you're conflating thyroid symptoms, Dom use, and PCOS in your post.

    Thyroid symptoms aren't part of the cluster of symptoms associated with PCOS. (For reference, I had full thyroid...
  8. Re: Stopped domperidone, still no period?

    Highly unlikely. The elevated prolactin levels from increased milk production on Dom are what cause anovulation.

    PCOS is a curious cluster of symptoms that can develop and exhibit themselves...
  9. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25


    DS turns 4 next month and continues to nurse briefly when he wakes, at nap, and as he settles to sleep. I'm completely off the domperidone and have effectively no milk. DS is totally...
  10. Re: Stopped domperidone, still no period?

    Ditto mommal on seeking comprehensive bloodwork. You may well be perfectly healthy and just experiencing an extended lactational amenorrhea, but it's good to be proactive in the event that something...
  11. Re: 31 months nursing and no cycle yet

    I'm nursing my 46 month old and haven't had a cycle since he was conceived. I started to become especially suspicious that something was amiss around the 3 year mark, but held off on seeking medical...
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    Re: Cavities - need some encouragement

    No cavities here, but I can say that night nursing (and frequent daytime nursing!) hasn't caused cavities in my almost-4 DS, who just had a dental appointment today.

    This is a kid who only started...
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    Re: We made it and our story

    Reena, you deserve major plaudits for your courage and perseverance. You have been through so many heart-wrenching moments, yet you persisted out of an abounding love for your daughter. Thank you for...
  14. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    Aww, thanks ladies! You're terrific!

    UPDATE: my milk supply tanked in moving from 10mg to 0mg of Dom per day. I watched and waited for a few weeks, then decided toward the end of May to resume a...
  15. Re: Supply dropping for nursing toddler

    I hear you! It's completely maddening and leaves you feeling like you're not in control of your body, doesn't it. I'm experiencing the exact same thing now as my body tries to resume cycling after...
  16. Re: HELP PLEASE! 18 Month Old Will ONLY NURSE

    Yes!!!! This was my DS through about 2. He only started to eat more than a bite or two of solids around 2, and it was only around 2.25 that he would eat a meal a day. We strongly suspect sensory...
  17. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    Awww, I love these!

    Here's one from DS3.5: two nights ago, while DH and I were watching a movie with headphones in our room, DS sleepwalked into our room, clambered onto the bed, snuggled up to...
  18. Re: Anybody wean from domperidone and maintain supply?

    Yes, me. I have a thread detailing my process:


    In a nutshell, I tapered off a dose of 120mg/day to...
  19. Re: Is breastfeeding really the problem?

    Ah, the old " he'll be hungry if you leave him long enough" argument. It works, unless it doesn't! Typically, if a mother has had to take domperidone for a long time to maintain supply for a child...
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    Re: 27 month old only weighs 23.5 lbs

    Sure, I'd be happy to share that info, sweet mama.

    19 months: 10.3kg (~25%ile weight)
    26 months: 12.6kg (~50%ile weight)
    30 months: 12.6kg (~38%ile weight)
    36 months: missing
    42 months: 17.1kg...
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    Re: 27 month old only weighs 23.5 lbs

    My DS was low in weight percentiles (10-15%ile) as compared with height (95%ile) and had stalled in weight gain at 9 months. I visited Dr. Newman and started domperidone just after 1 year and...
  22. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    DOM IS DONE!!!!!!

    My breasts are working beautifully unaided, DS is happy, for the first time in over 4 years my body looks like it's going to ovulate soon! This was the right decision at the...
  23. Re: Is breastfeeding really the problem?

    Good heavens! I'm sorry that's the messaging you're receiving from someone who ought to know better. You must be beyond frustrated with the medical run-around and lack of diagnostic success you've...
  24. Re: Is breastfeeding really the problem?

    Breastfeeding is certainly not "causing" speech or feeding issues. How absurd of them to suggest that, and what a lazy approach to medical care! They could as well suggest that breathing or urinating...
  25. Re: Weaning -- what's the next after don't offer don't refus

    Okay, your daughter sounds EXACTLY like my son with respect to sleep needs. Part of it is just chronological/neurological maturity, for which time is on your side. As I said earlier, it was around...
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