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    Re: Nipple Shields and lazy Sucking?

    so heres a question-- in the past few days my DD has been more willing to try BFing with the shield. We have had some success with her latching on to the breast, but I find myself worrying when she...
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    Re: Nipple Shields and lazy Sucking?

    thanks for the feedback... sometimes i can't tell if she is preferring the shield because it is easier or if she is just not used to milk coming out without the barrier. We are working on it...
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    Nipple Shields and lazy Sucking?

    I am in the process of weaning my daughter off the nipple shield-- it is going well, but i have noticed something i wanted to ask about. Sometimes she seems less interested in trying without the...
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    Re: just curious..

    omg miguels mommy! I feel you! My Daughter has started doing this recently,... she goes back and forth between long alert periods and sleepy days.... i think it is just a baby thing.
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    Re: Bottle question

    have you tried paced feeding? when our daughter was just born and we were having trouble feeding her on the breast (before the nipple shield), we did paced feeding, and it helped her get what she...
  6. Re: producing enough milk & doc threatening me

    What a bummer! My BCBS is through the Presbyterian Church... i guess I assumed that the military would have at least as good as the church! And I guess I should know what they say about those who...
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    Re: One side exclusively

    is it possible that he has problems on the right because there is less milk available on that breast? If you nursed him on it more (barring physical problems with the breast), I would imagine that...
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    Re: dont know what to do

    :ita with everyone above. My DD clusters in the evening--wants nothing but the breast, sometimes for HOURS. I've noticed at least once already that it coincided with a pretty wicked growth spurt. ...
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    Re: Foul-smelling gas and stools

    i might be wrong... but isn't foul smell associated with diarrhea? Ladies?
  10. Re: Extremely Sleepy 2 Day Old-Stressing Out

    Agree with PP. My Daughter was a sleepy baby too---i had to learn to wake her up, no matter how cute she looked. Changing her diaper, playing with her feet, using hand compressions on my breast...
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    Re: Seriously discouraged.

    The first one is nice, and is the one i have seen... the thing that is good about it is you can hang it around your neck, and you don't need an extra person who is standing there pushing the syringe....
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    Re: 3 weeks old and not sleeping alone

    I thought I wouldn't cosleep, and then we had our daughter... flash forward four weeks, and we have had the best sleep of her life when we let her in bed. It may not have been what we expected would...
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    Re: About to give up

    Agreed with the PPs.... it is SO hard to stop worrying when you had a reason to from the get-go... especially with all the scary stuff that gets thrown out about late preterms (my DD was 4 weeks...
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    weaning off a nipple shield

    I have been to see two different LC regarding my daughter (one was a ped/LC that I was referred to for a possible tongue tie, the other is my regular LC)

    We had a bit of a slow start to BFing (DD...
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    Re: thumb sucking

    an easy way to allay your fears before your next ped appt would be to find a breastfeeding support group and go--you can do a weighed feed, and usually they are happy to let you do a weight check on...
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    Re: Is this normal?

    Thanks! We saw the LC today, and she echoed what y'all said--projectile spit up is just... projectile spit up. Nothing to worry about :)
  17. Re: producing enough milk & doc threatening me

    i should clarify.... most bcbs will cover it if it is an lc in a private practice... something to the effect that an md apparently legitimizes the need... basically we were reimbursed as though it...
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    Is this normal?

    My daughter is almost 4 weeks old and is known to spit up. Every couple of days, however, she will spit up in a special way--that is to say, projectile spit up. She doesn't look terribly troubled...
  19. Re: 6 weeks & not at birth weight (help!)

    Are you pumping on the side she isn't nursing on? Will she take a supplement of BM after she is done?
  20. Re: 6 weeks & not at birth weight (help!)

    Just curious-
    How long are you pumping? And when do you pump? I know other folks will say on here that pumping is no reliable indication of supply--but you can help yourself pumping wise if you...
  21. Re: producing enough milk & doc threatening me

    you should check with your insurance as well--most insurance providers will reiumburse all or part of a lactation consultant. The Blues (BCBS) are especially good with this... and if you are...
  22. Re: producing enough milk & doc threatening me

    I would add... i pointed that out, but I also have a little girl-- she was 5lbs 13oz, and while she is on the lower end of the growth chart too, our pediatrician has been great about breastfeeding as...
  23. Re: producing enough milk & doc threatening me

    not trying to be too picky, but you misread the chart-- the top numbers (up to 13) are weeks, not months. so her daughter (assuming she is 9 weeks old) is indeed at the lowest percentile for her...
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    Re: Sleeping (and eating) Like a Baby

    So we do co-sleep, which has helped somewhat, and we have been swaddling with mixed success--our problem has been, if she is going to be awake, swaddling just annoys her. It certainly keeps our LO...
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    Sleeping (and eating) Like a Baby

    Happy Friday to everyone-

    So I know that newborns have their own schedules, they eat and sleep when they want, but I was wondering if anyone has any advice or strategies for coping with the...
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