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    Re: What can I take?

    Talk to your hcp about which medication is right for you. :gvibes

    If you know the name of the med your hcp will prescribe I am sure some of the mamas here can help you look them up. :)

    Get well...
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    Re: What is a good pacifier

    There is not a pacifier that will work for all breastfed babies. It is trial and error. :gvibes

    It is recommended that newborns not be offered pacifiers until breastfeeding is well established...
  3. Re: weight update and referral to GI specialist.

    Hang in there mama. :hug

    Brittan search her posts. ;)
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    Re: Vitamin for 9 mo old?

    If it is not medically necessary I would recommend doing your own research first. Here is another link
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    Re: Possible Relactation

    Yes it is normal and more than that, it is great news!

    Keep pumping and keep giving your lo plenty of opportunities to nurse. Cheering for you! :cheer
  6. Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    I can understand that. :gvibes Can you understand that nobody was saying the reader is bad? They were talking about the information contained in the book not the people who read and like the book. ...
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    Re: But he's never full...

    How many total ounces of formula is your baby drinking every 24 hours? You can start with that number and make a plan to decrease the supplements while increasing your milk. :gvibes The two things...
  8. Re: Edwina Froehlich, co-Founder of La Leche League International dies at 93

    What a beautiful woman! She led a beautiful life. :love

    Here is her obituary in the New York Times...
  9. Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???


    I could not agree more.
  10. Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    That was "The Baby Whisperer". :gvibes
  11. Re: Scheduling/Feeding/Sleeping???

    I read all the responses here and I assure you that nobody was trying to make you feel bad. :hug I did not see one put down. I saw people sharing information that you can take if you like or leave if...
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