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    Pumping..Working and Growth Spurts

    I am heading back to work this week (Full Time 9-5) and my only concern is how to keep my supply up during Growth Spurts. We've already went thru the first spurt at a little younger than a Month...it...
  2. Re: Going back to work and really stressed

    I am glad I came into this forum. I too have the same concern. I am going back to work and LO is 7wks. Currently I pump once or twice a day (while she naps and engorgement happens) just to build my...
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    Low Supply or Greedy Baby?

    I'm a new Mom and im battling Baby Blues and Sleep Deprivation. My question is, my Week Old daughter just seems to have this unquenchable thirst and seems to never be satisfied or in the "Milk Coma"....
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