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  1. Re: So confused about having a 2nd baby???

    I felt very similar to you. I am in my late 30s and needed fertility treatments to get pg with my first, so at the same time I felt I didn't have time to waste. In the summer when my son was 2.5,...
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    Re: 2yr. old won't eat

    I highly, highly recommend the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez for any mom who is at all concerned about how much her child eats. It really helped to reduce my stress level on this issue!...
  3. Re: 16 months and increase in frequency?

    This happened with us and I've heard about it from many others. My son was slow to catch on with solids and nursed quite frequently until well after one year. Between 15-18 months he slowed down to...
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    Re: refusing the highchair

    Yep, btdt! It is really frustrating when mealtime is a challenge, especially dinner when Daddy is just home from a long day at work. We have definitely gone through phases of "whatever works" in...
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    Re: Sippy cup

    I think it was in Dr. Sears' Baby Book where I read that it is a good idea to get them practicing on regular cups as well - particularly when you are right there, e.g. sitting down for a meal or...
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    Re: sensitive skin or allergies?

    How about a homemade tortilla? Just google for a recipe, they are very easy (just flour, water and a bit of oil - salt is optional). I'd give you my recipe but don't want to infringe any...
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    Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    I highly recommend the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez - it was extremely reassuring and really helped me change my attitude about feeding my picky eater, i.e. what I needed to do and what...
  8. Re: ds throws himself at food at only 5 months

    My son was the same, and I assumed he was going to be a great eater. I held him off until exactly 6 months and then embarked down the path of solid foods with great expectations. Oh yeah, he loved...
  9. Re: Not sure if my 10 mo is getting enough food or BM

    Ditto, there is some great information on this site about dental caries. For instance, see this article:

    Personally I am more concerned about doing a...
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    Re: sensitive skin or allergies?

    My son had bad eczema on his face starting around 4 mo that I was able to clear with an elimination diet (eventually figured out that it was fish that I was eating). When I took him to a pediatric...
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