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  1. Re: Which bottle gives the least confusi

    April, I had a boy like that too! I had a cupboard full of "failed" bottles! I see you have four boys too, so do I and dd is my first girl. The other three boys were very obliging in switching...
  2. Re: Which bottle gives the least confusi

    Oh and yes, she is drinking my milk with fortifer and vitamins.
  3. Re: Which bottle gives the least confusi

    Thanks, ladies. I had considered the breastflow. I hadn't considered the Haberman as my impression was that it was good for babies who wouldn't take a bottle but she takes a bottle no problem. Had...
  4. Which bottle gives the least confusion?

    My little girl was born at 28 weeks and is now 33 weeks corrected and 3.8 lbs. She is still in SCBU and I visit for 2 feeds per day. I offer the breast, she latches on well for a couple of seconds...
  5. Re: baby 9mos, is it too late to buy PISA (expensive) (i have manual pump) - back to

    I would also be inclined to vote for the Ameda. Check out the reviews on Amazon.com it compares very well with the PISA.
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    Re: Can Mama get baby on the bottle?

    rhiannasmom, first of all, the last poster was probably trying to be helpful but I don't think that 4-6 week thing holds true. At least it didn't for me!

    I have four boys. The first two loved the...
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    Re: How do you manage it all?

    AutumnMom I was not expecting to see another FlyBaby here! :clap

    Bella, there is no Mum/Mom/Mammy ( I'm from Ireland!) :ita who can "do it all"

    Why should we do it all? Do you ever see an...
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    Re: medela swing Vs Avent isis uno

    I found any Avent pump better than any Medela pump when ds3 was in intensive care. Meaning I found the Avent manual better than the Medela Symphony.
  9. Re: Avent Isis IQ Duo (also posted in Pumping)

    I love mine! I use it in work and at home and for me it was better than the Medela Symphony I used in hospital when ds3 was a preemie. There are one or two small quibbles I would have; the tubing can...
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    Re: At Wits End Over Pumping!!

    Another thing you need to do is chill!:
    If you start stressing about it that will affect your let down and you will get less milk.
    Also try pumping from one breast while feeding from the other....
  11. Re: How do I start a stash for when I return to work?

    Does your little one sleep for a few hours at night? I had to build up a very big stash for a weekend away and I found that if I pumped at midnight each night I eventually started producing more and...
  12. Re: Going to concert and leaving baby...

    I recently left my 5 month old for 2.5 days. I had 144 oz of BM in the freezer when I left:yikes but he only drank about 90! Still, better that I had too much than too little!:lol
  13. Re: Problem nursing after pumping during the day

    Honestly it sounds to me as if you are just stressing about this which can affect let-down. I have combined nursing with pumping with 4 babies now and I can honestly say that the only time I ever had...
  14. Re: Getting the fat into solution again

    Some containers are worse than others though. I find my Avent containers the worst, the cream sticks to the sides very badly. I also have some mothers milkmate containers and they are much better.
  15. Would any one like 49 Avent Tempo Liners?

    Hi ladies, I'm in Ireland and ordered these liners from the US thinking they would fit my old Avent disposable bottle holders. Which I have now discovered they don't! :lol. This system is currently...
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    Re: Favourite bottle/nipple

    Another vote for Playtex drop-ins but I'm in Ireland and am having a harder and harder time trying to locate them here. They were the only bottle my ds3 would take and I kept them for ds4 even though...
  17. Re: Is Techni Ice allowed in carry-on luggage?

    Obrmommy, techni ice is an Australian invention and is supposed to be a dry ice replacement and stay cool for days! When you get it, it is in flat sheets but once hydrated the ice compartments puff...
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    Re: Milking it

    Medela do a special funnel for hand-expression, the funnel attaches on to a medela storage bottle.
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    Re: any playtex embrace users?

    Can you pump into a Lansinoh bag? Because if so, if you scissor-snip the zipper bit off the top of the bag, it can be used to line the playtex nurser.
  20. Re: Is Techni Ice allowed in carry-on luggage?

    Don't know if they've relaxed it over here though! I'm in Ireland and will be flying to and from Hungary. And I don't ever expect reason to prevail in airports!:lol
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    Re: Cheap Hands-Free Pumping!!!

    LOL, Kaitlynsmom! The phrase "Been there, done that and got the tee-shirt" springs to mind!:lol
  22. Is Techni Ice allowed in carry-on luggage?

    I'm hoping to brimg a stash of EBM home with me as carry on luggage after a trip abroad. I know blue ice-packs are considered to be fluid but has anyone had any issues with techni Ice?
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    Re: Wasting storage bags

    Another very good system is the Mothers milkmate system
    http://www.amazon.com/Mothers-Milkmate-Storage-Rack-Bottles/dp/B000EGZ40G, as it is a perfect way to rotate your bottles
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    Re: I think She's jealous

    I'm just wondering whether maybe this could have something to do with your boss? Perhaps your boss doesn't relish the idea of another employee taking pumping breaks and doesn't want you to "push" the...
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    Re: Going back to work, can't pump!

    Agree with rachel, I never got much unless I had been away from the baby for a few hours. Then I would get loads! The first time I left ds2 for a few hours I got 10oz with an Avent manual!
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