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    Latching question with 5 day old

    So my Miss Adelynn is 5 days old. She came out knowing how to nurse. She really is doing great. However, due to her poor latch my nipples are now jacked up. I didn't realize she was latching...
  2. Re: 4 mo old and now have to EP - help

    I would definately seek another opinion from at least 2 other doctors. How in the world could the right thing to do be something that is so "un" natural. Your body was made to feed your baby. How can...
  3. Re: take LO to the hospital or doctor??

    Leave the pump alone, take care of baby! Go eat something instead of pump. Just nurse, nurse nurse!
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    Re: Doc says more greens

    That is just nutty to me. My son is 8 months old and weighs 14 lbs. My dr is just now saying we need to watch his weight. He knows that I will NOT stop nursing my son or supplement. I tell him that...
  5. Re: In desparate need of help - infant refusing to nurse

    I am very sorry about your situation. If it was me I would just keep trying to nurse. Dont give him a bottle. He will eat when hungry. I would definately take him to the doctor. If there is no reason...
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    Re: Fever help

    Have you taken him to the dr? My sons fever was not too high and it turned out he had an ear infection
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    Re: Too Much Milk!!! Again!!

    Wow!!!!!! I dont know what to say other than you could feed a village of children. I am sorry but that is what came to mind. I hope you get some relief though. I am sure it hurts!
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    Re: every 2 hours STILL?

    I think when you quit hoping for a night of more sleep you get more used to it. I would co cosleep so you dont have to fully wake to feed. It really helped me!
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    Re: Baby getting Constipated

    You would be surprised how the baby really does not have to have solids. I would stop and slowly reintroduce.
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    Re: upset in sd

    You have to do what you know is best for your baby, which is breast. Baby can eat the perfect amount as long as you give baby a chance. Turn on your crockpot, let it cook your dinner, then just feed...
  11. Re: Having issues - need suggestions from experienced moms

    I never timed nursing. I nursed CONSTANTLY. At least every hour at that age. Now at 7 months we might go every 2 hours. If they cry I feed.
  12. Re: Don't wanna quit BFing. Need Help.

    Have you tried a better nursing cover? Bigger??? Hang in there!
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    Re: Overweight baby?

    I doubt your baby has any problems but hey, I am from Houston so what do I know! ha Your little one looks very cute though!
    We are opposites, my son is 7 months and weighs 13lb 6 oz and we always...
  14. Re: 6wk old only sleeping 3hrs night and eating every hour

    I think those night wakings seem pretty normal. Co sleep and eventually your body will get used to it. My son is 7 months old and wakes normally 5+ times a night. DH is on call 2 weeks out of the...
  15. Re: Side Lying Tip for larger breasted women

    Sometimes I just nurse from the other breast. EX: if I am laying on my left side then I nurse on my right breast. It seems like becasue gravity is pushing my boobs down the "top" one is at the right...
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    Re: how much for 7 month old?

    My son is 7 months old. We started solids about 6 months old.
    I make his baby foood for him, freeze in ice cube trays then put in bags. I give him 1 fruit cube in the morning mixed with a little...
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    Re: ugghhh...need a good comeback!!

    My son is 7 months old and I am trying to make it where I can have a night out with DH. I have been pumping to have extra bottles. I would love a night without waking every hour on the hour or even...
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    Re: Pumping no milk....

    No, no bottle besides at birth. Stupid hospital.

    Getting milk from left breast this morning. So far 1 oz and still flowing. I think it just needs more stimulation daily...I want the bottle at...
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    Re: Pumping no milk....

    He had 1 bottle with 2.5 oz and would not take it. I started the Blessed thistle tonight. I will just keep pumping! Whenever he is asleep or playing I will just pump, pump and pump!!

    When I got...
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    Re: Pumping no milk....

    OK. I will keep trying.... I can do this!!!
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    Re: Pumping no milk....

    He takes solids just fine. When I told the day care I was just going to bring him some juice, they looked at me like I was crazy. Juice just in case... YKWIM

    I nurse him whenever he wants it, if...
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    Pumping no milk....

    I have been trying for almost a week to pump and have a couple bottles on hand to take to daycare while I am in school. So far I have a whopping 2.5 oz. I go to school today.
    This is driving me...
  23. Re: Doctor is pushing formula for poor weight gain

    I am sorry your doc is pushing formula. I waited till my son was 6 months till we solids. We just do a little here and there. I feed on demand only. You can see his weight as my signature. My doctor...
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    Re: pumping for outings?

    I started in the car too! It was harder/ uncomfortable in the beginning when he was so little but soon I expanded. I like using a blanket tucked under my shoulder bra strap as a cover instead of a...
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    Re: At my wits end!

    You can do it. Mine was the same way, just nurse, nurse, nurse. Try wearing him too. That was the only way I could do anything.
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