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  1. Re: Mami, this is an agonizing way to get my lechita

    Usually it's a babysitter or my husband who's tried to give the bottle - yesterday she actually took it better from me than from him, but it was an hour later and I think she was just hungrier....
  2. Mami, this is an agonizing way to get my lechita

    I have to go to work for the first time this Tuesday, then back to 5 days a week starting the 23rd. So we've been storing some bottles and trying to feed her a bottle every now and then. The bottle...
  3. Re: back to work AND HOW MUCH BABY SHOULD EAT

    I warm the bottle in a bowl of hot water.

    Here's my opinion - baby will eat as much as she needs either way.
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    Re: Gas, colic, inbalance??

    I don't know much about block nursing or tandem nursing, or imbalances, and mine had crazy slow weight gain (still does), so this may not help-
    BUT my first one had reflux and was a screamer - we...
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    Re: This isn't how it's supposed to be

    Wow, that is EXACTLY how I feel. You hit it on the head!
    The situation has deteriorated. Baby girl now will not bf except for first thing in the morning-no idea why-she actually cries at the mere...
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    Re: Pumping at night.....

    When my baby girl started sleeping longer & sleeping through the night, I did pump at night and have ever since to keep up with her consumption in the day and to try to keep up my supply. Only when...
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    This isn't how it's supposed to be

    Sorry, if venting annoys you, please disregard.

    This isn't how bfing was supposed to be. I don't think it's supposed to be a fight every step of the way. I would think it's supposed to get...
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    Re: Anyone used Milkies?

    Our Bradley teacher showed them to us and I know a couple in our class got them and liked them for catching the let-down on the opposite breast. She asked about wearing them around but the teacher...
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    Re: Baby needs to gain weight

    I think I win the prize for smallest baby on the board, LOL, if I can even put it that way. My 7.5-month-old girl was just shy of 13 lbs at 7 months 5 days. She started out in the 10th percentile...
  10. Re: my boy screams after only 5 - 10 min. of feeding

    We went through a period of this sort of thing and it almost made me quit bfing b/c I was convinced I wasn't making enough milk for her. For what it's worth, here's what I *think* it was for me.
  11. Re: good post - "Mixed Messages a Formula for Disaster"

    :ita NO KIDDING! There were times I was crying on the couch while she was screaming in hungry impatience when she wouldn't wait for the letdown and my mom was saying, just let me give her the bottle,...
  12. good post - "Mixed Messages a Formula for Disaster"

    At first I didn't like this article/post from @babygooroo but I decided it's one of the most balanced I've seen on bfing. I sympathize with almost all of the women. The only thing I don't like is...
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    Re: what have you tried?

    I actually liked giving her pureed single-ingredient foods so I could identify what it was she liked and didn't like (and so I could know she wasn't allergic). So I knew that bananas and rice cereal...
  14. Re: problems feeding while baby has cold - please help

    I'll second that you shouldn't worry about the time. Baby girl has gotten so efficient & fast she feeds in less than 10 minutes, and I can feel she's gotten all the milk.
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    Re: Some semblance of routine?


    For me, not being able to sleep when the baby slept was a big warning sign of postpartum depression, so I just wanted to throw that out there.

    Babies STTN when they're developmentally...
  16. Re: Formula is the answer to everything (rant)

    Yeah, I knew she was about the size of an average 3-month-old, even for BF infants. Her weight has always been low, started at 10% and dropped every visit. At 6 mos she was 3%, now off the curve. ...
  17. Formula is the answer to everything (rant)

    So my little girl has decreased her weight percentile at every visit and now at 7 months has fallen off the weight curve. She's 12 lbs 15.8 oz. at 7 months 5 days. We used to have problems where...
  18. Re: Ped pushing solid food at 6 months

    I don't know how "pushy" your ped is being, but solids are a good idea at 6 months for several reasons. But if your baby is being well-nourished by breastmilk, my only idea would be to try something...
  19. Re: DD hasn't had a BM in almost 5 days!! Is this normal??

    I did have to try the suppositories, Karo, and prunes, but that's because DD wasn't taking solids too well and strained with tears and eventually rectal bleeding when she tried to have a BM--but the...
  20. Re: feed on demand, structure/schedule, and engorgement?

    In my experience it was about 3 months that my breasts got used to the amount of milk she needed/wanted and I didn't feel the hard lumps all the time. Then I freaked out I didn't have enough milk,...
  21. Re: Help! Lazy nurser+milk loss+forced supplementation

    Oatmeal helped me. Also, I was told to pump for 15-20 minutes after nursing, and I never got more than a few ml. Then I read on kellymom that what increases your supply is frequent, complete...
  22. I'm one in ten--what about you?

    In my state (Kentucky) fewer than 1 in 10 women are EBF at 6 months. We've started solids now that DD is at just past 6.5 months but at around 6 months we were still EBF. Here's the link:...
  23. Re: Nursing to sleep, transitioning to crib.....help!

    I'm going to agree with a previous poster and say I understand you wanting to transition to crib and I'll try to phrase this carefully to mean what I want... if it were me it would be really...
  24. Re: Help! Night time feedings and sleep

    I'm kind of a loner on sleep issues on the forum--we don't cosleep, never have, don't nurse-to-sleep either. DD has been in her room since 3 weeks and her last feeding is about 15-20 minutes before...
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    Re: Sleeping problems.

    Zoe was in her crib at 3 weeks, but we are just not in to cosleeping and we couldn't afford a bassinet so she actually slept in a drawer by my bed the first 3 weeks. :lol

    I'm not a fan of the "all...
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