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  1. Re: HELP! son's Dr. wants me to supplement with FORMULA

    My son stayed the same weight from 9 months till around 15 months. Granted it was a huge number for a 9 or 15 month old but he completely plateaued in weight gain (grew in height a tiny bit) while he...
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    Re: Nursing a Toddler

    My almost 2.75 year old has started to demand that 'Daddy tell Mommy I need boo' when I've turned him down with a bit of distraction because he'd nurse for an hour every 2 hours if he had his way.
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    Re: How many diaper changes at night?

    I think if her skin is fine with it, then all is well. Poopy diapers needs changed ASAP, but wet diapers especially disposables, well my son goes 13 hours in his. It's like a brick in the am but no...
  4. Re: Not Enjoying Breastfeeding and Feeling Guilty

    I just wanted to add.

    I don't remember anything enjoyable about BFing my son in the early days. Especially the nights. Mostly the whole thing is a blur but I do remember going to bed at night,...
  5. Re: Green poop & increase of bowel movements-due to teething?

    I think green poop and increased volume/ loose stools can be a sign of a viral infection. Something that will just run it's course and doesnt require treatment so long as the baby is well otherwise....
  6. Re: When did you give your lo shellfish/seafood?

    The AAP altered it's stance on 'high risk' allergen foods relatively recently to state that there appeared to be no benefit as to when a child was introduced to the food. So long as it was after 6...
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    Re: Blow Outs With Pamers!

    We tried every type of disposable diaper and he had a poop suit from his belly button to the nape of his neck in all of them.

    It's a phase:p
  8. Re: Breastfeeding in England and Scotland

    I'm Scottish although currently not living there. The law at home allows for public breast feeding anywhere the child (up to 2 years old) is allowed to be. Stopping or preventing a child being fed...
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    Re: When did you get ur . again?

    Just before 6 months for me. I EBF and grew a 7.5 pounder into 27lb lump by his 6 month check up. I doubt it's possible to Bf more often then I did :lol

    Good ole AF has turned up every month like...
  10. Re: no interest in "baby" foods - only likes table foods

    Oddly enough, some babies seem to positively enjoy spiced/highly flavoured foods. I know mine does. If you think about it, he's been 'tasting' these interesting flavours in your uterus since...
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    Re: Drinking and breastfeeding?

    I believe the rule of thumb is if you're sober enough to drive, you're sober enough to breastfeed.

    If you want to go out and party it up a bit, pumping before hand and getting the milk into your...
  12. Re: What do you count as a nursing session

    I consider any boob time with suck n swallow to be nourishment. At 11 months, James nurses about 12 times a day. At least half of that is me and him three quarters asleep during the night.
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    Re: Baby led solids, anyone?

    DISCLAIMER: I copied and pasted my old thread from starting baby led solids because I'm too muddle headed to actually remember how it went. James is 11 months old now and will eat ANYTHING! Mainly...
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    Re: rabbit poo?

    The 3 mains ways to combat constipation, whatever your age are (1) exercise (not a problem in your average toddler:lol)...physical movement helps the peristalsis in the bowel, the muscular squeezing...
  15. Re: Tongue-tie - would you clip when baby is already 1?

    My son is tongue tied and I wonder about his future too. He has BF like a champ and like yourself, after an initial adjustment period it was never an issue. But part of me wonders about his...
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    Re: We Have A Tooth!!!

    I remember the first tooth and it was exciting but also a little sad. My baby was growing up and it was the end of those gorgeous gummy grins. I know it's daft but it was one of those end of an era...
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    Re: Growth spurt or need for solid food???

    I've no advice, just commiseration :hug

    My son was 14 and a bit pounds at 8 weeks, 20.5 lbs at 16 weeks and I remember sitting down to try and eat a hurriedly made sandwich when he was around your...
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    Re: Will I ever stop leaking?

    My son is 10 and a smidge months old and I sprung a leak this afternoon in the supermarket waiting to return a movie to the Redbox machine. I haven't worn nursing pads in 6 months! I was thinking...
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    Re: Parmesan Cheese??

    We're an extra sharp cheddar loving family and James just eats that, and loves it. He had it first at about 7.5 months and would put it in his mouth, shiver and suck his cheeks in, chow it down and...
  20. Temas: Celery

    by @llli*beanie

    Re: Celery

    Why would you want to inflict that horror on a child?

    (I HATE celery:lol)
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    Re: Sunny Side Up?

    Not anymore unfortunately:(

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    Re: Sunny Side Up?

    I'd have reservations about giving a runny yolk to a toddler just because the very young, the elderly etc are most vulnerable to salmonella.

    You can buy pasturised eggs in the shell these days...
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    Re: Do I need to wake my newborn to eat?

    Off topic but kinda not. Seriously ladies, I'm impressed any of you can remember what you were doing with your 11 day olds:lol

    I could have had a troupe of dancing elephants in the living room...
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    Re: so the doctor told me...


    ^There's a nice comparison between the different types of milk. The substances that human milk is lower in (protein, calcium stick in my head from my quick...
  25. Re: Split & flat/inverted nipples.. what are they!?

    Have you tried making a 'sandwich' with your areola? Use your index and middle fingers like scissors and compress the whole areola to a 'slit'. Your fingers should really be on skin not areola to do...
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