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  1. Re: Someone please tell me he's not weaning

    Just clarifying. Does he refuse to even try to latch or is it the follow through? At that age when we were dealing with teething DS would latch and almost immediately pull off, though each...
  2. Re: painful lump during ovulation?

    Just a line to say thank you. A night or two later as I changed for bed I realized I wasn't as tender as before. I massaged, and it finished clearing. The last and only other time I had a plugged...
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    Re: Going from 1 to none

    Is going outside an option? My son recently weaned and loved this option. There are going to be days when that isn't an option, but an idea. Coloring time or play dough? Does she like simple...
  4. painful lump during ovulation?

    My son stopped nursing 2 weeks ago. He is now 20 months old. We were at the end of a mense (3rd or 4th since his birth) when he started refusing to nurse. Starting this past Tuesday I was getting...
  5. Re: night weaning a high needs toddler, help!

    Our little guy used to take 2 very short daytime naps and then sleeps about 2 hours a go during the night. I can probably count on one hand the number of times he's fallen asleep without nursing or...
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    Re: Are we weaning?

    Watching the thread for responses on the emotions. My little guy just turned one. I'm probably more sleep deprived (sleeps tops of 2 hours at a time), but my hormones and cognitive abilities seem...
  7. Re: trouble balancing solids and BF

    I understand you're feelings, and will be watching this thread for feedback. DS is nearly 11 months and over the last few weeks we were stabilizing his routine to include 3 meals plus cheerio...
  8. Re: Combining breastfeeding & solid-feeding...

    We're struggling a bit with the combining breastfeeding and spoon/solid feedings too. DD is nearly 11mo. We co-sleep most of the night, and he'll take several short nips then. Once truly up...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    When I looked at the WHO growth chart for boys it seems he's below the standard, but if the curves were standard deviations then the 6mo. and 9mo. would both be about one standard deviation below. ...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    I've misfiled or lost several of the dr. office visit sheets, but I had many weights on the home calendar.

    Birth 9lb2oz
    2 wk 9lb2oz (not sure what the low point was)
    10wk 12lb6oz
    12wk 13lb2oz...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    Oh, and yes dairy sensitive, not lactose sensitive. Thanks for catching that. I always forget to say it the right way.

    My husband and I are on the shorter end. I'm 5'4", and he's 5'9". We've...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    Think I lost what I typed. Try again. Have to leave the house soon again. Unfortunately won't get the weights on yet--sorry.

    Thanks for the info on fats. I guess I knew that, it just seemed...
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    Re: when to increase # of meals?

    When we first introduced spoon foods I'd hold DS on my lap. His right arm would be confined between our bodies, and my left arm would go around behind him and hold his left hand. That meant his...
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    Re: Failure to thrive???

    Thanks for responses ladies!

    DS was not early, just a day or two past EDD.
    We breastfed exclusively till 7 mo, then slowly decreased # of nursings a day as we added spoon feedings. He eats rice...
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    Failure to thrive???

    Today my DS had his 9mo. checkup. His 4mo it was a fill in nurse taking measurements and they seemed overexaggerated. So at 6mo when it seemed he was falling slightly on the charts the dr. and I...
  16. How long before chilling is OK?

    I pumped on the way home from a party yesterday and then forgot to move it to the fridge when we arrived home. It was not chilled in the car, so when I remembered this morning it had been 13-14...
  17. Re: Travel in the early weeks?

    Thanks for your input ladies. I know I did the best I knew how the first two times, I just know a lot more now. Some has to do with expectations. If I expect nursing to be near constant at first,...
  18. Re: Travel in the early weeks?

    So at an hour and a half away you understand the dilema. Did you wait a few weeks to make the trip, stop part way there if the baby was requesting to eat, or have the baby wait? Our first two...
  19. Travel in the early weeks?

    We travel often. Most stores are 30 minutes away, and my folks are 3-4 hours away. With our first two we ended up doing at least one of each such trips in the first month. We did not nurse on...
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    Re: changes in color of areola?

    What about if the nipple color hasn't changed but the areola color did?

    We had difficulties with breastfeeding our first lo. After 4 weeks I switched to pumping hoping to feed it after some of...
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