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  1. Re: Slow weight gain... Possibly genetic?

    Yeah, I would also be more inclined to look at the reflux than any other factor! Have you tried reducing or eliminating dairy in your diet? I am ordinarily very reluctant to suggest that a nursing...
  2. Re: Gassy Baby won't sleep--what am I doing wrong?

    The hormonal fluctuations and sleep deprivation of postpartum also bring a lot of increased emotion. What you describe does sound normal, but I feel like I should throw in a little public service...
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    Re: Weaning a 2 yo a - please help

    It's not all about self-weaning, I promise! :)

    This does NOT make you sound like a horrible mum. The feelings you report seem to be fairly common- in my experience, anyway. This seems to be...
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    Re: Supply throughout the day

    Just remember that not feeling full is not the same as not having milk. When supply and demand are well-matched, it's normal to rarely if ever feel full.

    Sure, no harm in that! Getting...
  5. Re: Gassy Baby won't sleep--what am I doing wrong?

    :ita with MaddieB. Everything you describe sounds normal- exceedingly frustrating but normal! I only want to add that while progesterone-only contraceptives are not supposed to impact milk supply...
  6. Re: literally going bald???? anyone else have this

    Let us know how it goes!
  7. Re: Slow weight gain... Possibly genetic?

    I am not liking this LC's advice. Block feeding is NOT a good idea if you suspect the baby is having trouble with weight gain or milk transfer. Block feeding adjusts the foremilk/hindmilk ratio by...
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    Re: Supply throughout the day

    You could start pumoing to create a stash now. But since you have a couple of months before you need to return to work, you probably want to do a very limited amount of pumping so that you don't...
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    Re: Supply throughout the day

    No, this is totally normal. :)

    No. Your body is blessed with a very sensitive internal clock, and what is happening right now is that your baby's demand is training that clock so that your...
  10. Re: Slow weight gain... Possibly genetic?

    A single weigh-feed-weigh measurement actually doesn't tell you much. Babies don't always take in the same amount of milk, and sometimes their performance at the LC's office will be significantly...
  11. Re: literally going bald???? anyone else have this

    Thawingsnow, I think you want a you want a standard thyroid panel which should include TSH, T3, and T4 levels. Maybe one other thing? I can't remember! :duck

    It is definitely true that you may...
  12. Re: Possible Oversupply and Now Engorgement After Blocking

    :ita 100% with MaddieB's excellent advice!
  13. Re: literally going bald???? anyone else have this

    Hair loss is normal in postpartum, and is often most noticeable at around 3-6 months. Pregnancy inhibits shedding, so now that the pregnancy hormones are gone you are losing both your normal...
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    Re: I am at a loss - 6 month checkup

    Welcome to the forum!

    The first suggestion I have is to see a different doctor. You might want to contact your local La Leche League and ask if they can recommend someone who is...
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    Re: how does weaning work?

    Either. A mom may decide to pursue mother-led weaning, in which she pushes weaning to happen faster than the child would choose, or she may decide to pursue child-led weaning, which proceeds at...
  16. Re: Hugs please-Tapering off domperidone at 3.25

    That is awesome!!!!
  17. Re: Slow weight gain... Possibly genetic?

    In my experience, people only know how to say 2 things about babies:
    1. "He's so big!"
    2. "He's so small!"
    For some reason, hearing #1 makes people feel good and hearing #2 makes them feel bad. ...
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    Re: Painful Latch On At 3 1/2 Weeks...

    Often moms will experience something we call "the 10 second sizzle" when the baby first latches on. It's something of a misnomer because the pain can last longer than 10 seconds. The important...
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    Re: Breast pain

    Well, the most likely explanation for the pain/redness is that you have some sort of plugged duct/mastitis/inflammation going on. As long as baby is continuing to drain the breast well and you...
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    Re: Nursing 13 month old

    That's just how my kids were at 13 months! They didn't start picking up their solid food intake until around 15 months, and even after they started eating more solids they continued to nurse very...
  21. Re: Struggling with weight gain / supplementing

    Yes, I agree that the things you experienced during birth are unlikely to cause problems with supply, unless pain meant that you had trouble nursing enough. What I was looking for was something like...
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    Re: Nursing 15 month

    It sounds like you are going through such a rough time right now. I'm really sorry, mama. :hug

    I just want to reassure you on a couple of points. First, it's 100% normal for kids to develop...
  23. Re: One week without breastfeeding... How to restart

    100% :ita with Maddieb. I think you need an immediate second opinion from a doctor, and help from a lactation consultant, preferably an IBCLC, and your local La Leche League leader if there is LLL...
  24. Re: Struggling with weight gain / supplementing

    Long, tough recovery from birth? Was there anything in addition to the tear?
  25. Re: still nursing a lot, picky eater, 21 mos

    :ita Normal toddler eating habits, and no need to encourage weaning unless that's something YOU want.
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