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    Re: My breast milk is drying out

    How often are you pumping and is your pump up to par?
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    Re: She's biting me!!!!!

    My baby did the same thing. He didn't care if I put him down either. I just tried VERY hard to ignore as if I didn't notice that he even bit me. It stopped after a few days.
  3. Re: Bleeding on and off 3 months postpartum: EBF

    Have you taken a pregnancy test?
  4. Re: Recurring clogged ducts, 5 months pp

    I've had very many of those, too. Until about 8 months postpartum. I think it was the consistency of my milk that did it. I nursed very frequently, drank enough, etc, but was still very prone to...
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    Re: Plugged duct long after weaning

    Thanks for bringing that up. It's very interesting. I wonder if that's what I have?

    I don't think it's a bra issue as I've been wearing all kinds of different ones lately to test this theory and...
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    Re: Plugged duct long after weaning

    That's an interesting thought. I did recently get a new bra, an expensive one that's really supportive, with wire and all that, though it does feel comfortable to me. Still, that could very well be...
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    Plugged duct long after weaning

    My toddler self-weaned about 2 months ago. Recently I began to feel a pain in my right boob and I finally realized one night that it was a plugged duct. I don't see any redness nor do I feel...
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    Re: Starting Back to Work TOMORROW!

    Here's what I did. We had to modify a little when I went back to work at 8 weeks just so it was easier for both of us. Whenever my baby woke up I nursed him. Then I nursed him again before we left...
  9. Re: Going on vacation and not enough pumped milk

    Is baby also getting food?
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    Re: Travelling with baby

    You don't have to pump on the trip if you can feed her instead. Believe it or not, you can usually find places to nurse comfortably at these parks. We went to Orlando theme parks and some had a...
  11. Re: Daycare says baby is sad, wants more milk

    When daycare says your baby is sad it could be she just needs to be burped or something. Not necessarily hungry. After 3-3.5 ounces, which is a very normal amount for a baby, you can't just call any...
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    Re: One Fussy Girl, One Happy Boy

    My sister had the same thing with her twins. Her son had no problems with eating but my niece would do what you describe. Doctor gave her prevacid and it totally took care of the problem. She had...
  13. Re: Baby not eating enough at day care

    My baby did the same thing. He ate 6-8 ounces (with no food or like a spoonful of puree at most) for the first year, during around 8-9 hour separations. He had no problem with that at all. He never...
  14. Re: Decreasing supply while pumping at work

    Agree with PP. What you used to pump is an abnormally large quantity, definitely not the norm. Is there any reason why you need to pump so much? Is your baby actually consuming 22 oz while you are...
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    Re: Tips on making baby food at home

    I bought little plastic disposable 2-oz "condiment" containers with lids. Packed my homemade food into those and then loaded a ziplock freezer bag with them. This way I did not have to wash anything...
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    Re: Save pumped bloody milk?

    I wouldn't use it, only because it turns me off. But that doesn't mean it's not safe to use.
  17. Re: Please help: Bad case of blocked ducts

    Just because it got better, it still doesn't mean the lecithin did it. Maybe it was just ready to become dislodged anyway and it happens to be that you took lecithin at the same time ;)
  18. Re: Starting daycare - daytime feeds and naps?

    Answers to your questions:

    1. Definitely. I would pump two times a day on work days but nurse more often than that on weekends. When I pump weaned, I still had enough when he nursed on weekends....
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    Re: 11month old mayor breast refusal

    I'm sorry I don't have advice as the PP covered that, but I just had to say that I laughed when I read your thread title, "11month old mayor breast refusal" - I never heard of an 11 month old mayor,...
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    Re: Two bottles a day at daycare?

    That really sounds like an insane amount of milk for daycare! My baby at that age was sent with a 5 oz and 4 oz bottle. With a jar of puree which he usually didn't take. Sometimes it was just 8...
  21. Re: Please help: Bad case of blocked ducts

    I found deep massaging (to the point that it really hurts like $%#$) to be the only thing that got my plugs out (and I've had so many I can't keep track). Before and after every feeding, massage like...
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    Re: Airplane flight at 4 months old

    I was pretty worried about it since my ears are so painful during landing, but my baby didn't have any such issue. I couldn't nurse him for the entire landing since that took about 1/2 hour and he...
  23. Re: Newborn Suddenly Refuses To Nurse

    Is nursing painful for you? Has your baby been checked for any latch issues like a tongue tie?
  24. Re: Using peppermint and sage to reduce oversupply

    I don't have much advice but I have tried during one point of engorgement to put cabbage leaves in my bras. They worked really well to shush everything down. When the leaves turn limp, change.
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    Re: first solids

    Well just because your baby ate the apricot doesn't mean he really needs to eat foods now. Most breastfed babies don't need solids until later. I personally didn't start with solids until 7-8 months...
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