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    Re: Pumping at 2 1/2 weeks

    I think it usually makes sense to pump when it is most convenient to pump. It is going to be a bit different for every mom. If you are worried that pumping means you will not have enough milk for...
  2. Re: Help! How to cope w/ intense negative feelings nursing 2

    Hi! I nursed two kids well past two and am currently nursing a two year old. I have certainly had my emotional ups and downs as a nursing mom, so I have a few thoughts and suggestions, hope they help...
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    Re: Nursing to sleep acrobatics

    I think this is normal, at least, very common. My three all did this. I think how you are handling it is fine. Maybe some of the bedtime routine can get moved to the bed, for example, books or...
  4. Re: my 2 month old won't latch. Please help!

    Ok it sounds like you have a good handle on what is going on and that things are improving. Great!

    The paced feeding video is a great 'how to' -I also suggest talking to your MIL about the 'why...
  5. Re: 11 month old refusing to drink anything!

    Hi I'm really sorry nursing strikes like this can be so very difficult and frustrating.
    First I would suggest don't believe in your head that she is never going to nurse again. She may not or she...
  6. Re: my 2 month old won't latch. Please help!


    Why is this being done? This suspiciously sounds like a technique for getting as much milk into a baby at one feeding as possible. This is NOT what you want to have happening.
    If baby...
  7. Re: my 2 month old won't latch. Please help!

    Sorry- just saw your other post. If you think fast letdown is part of what is going on, have you tried laid back positioning?...
  8. Re: my 2 month old won't latch. Please help!

    How frustrating! This is not an uncommon situation, and there are many things to try to turn this around.

    Since this started after your return to work, it is likely, but not 100% certain, it is...
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    Re: Transition to solids at daycare

    I think that if both solids and bottles are being given in a way where baby decides how much, (so basically, baby led solids and paced bottle feeding) then baby will make it clear how much of each...
  10. Re: 3.5 Week Old: Colic,Reflux or Overactive Letdown/Over Su

    Yes it could just be from OALS and OS. I ma not sure what true colic means because I have never seen a firm way of diagnosing this...to me, it does also sound like classic 'colic' which (as far as I...
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    Re: amoxicillin and nursing

    No it's fine. Hale rates Amoxicillin L1, which puts it in the safest category of meds when taken by mom when nursing. The AAP also rates it as compatible with breastfeeding.
    Source: Medications and...
  12. Re: Supply is in, baby eats for a few minutes at a time

    I agree with pps. Can you see the IBCLC again or call her? Assuming baby is pooping normally, what I would most be worried about at this point is your pain.
    Nursing often changes, sometimes...
  13. Re: Baby Refusing Bottle During Specific Feeding Only

    In my experience babies typically change their nursing/feeding patterns. Even if it is the same for a long time, eventually it will change at least a few times. Every two hours or even more often is...
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    Re: drastically reduced milk supply

    I am confused. Is baby 5 weeks old? Or over two months?

    I agree with both pp. Lochia can certainly last 4 to 6 weeks. It can also stop and start again. but if the bleeding you are experiencing is...
  15. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump

    If your baby is nursing at the breast AT ALL, (indicating baby is capable of nursing,) AND you think you have normal milk production, don't you think your chances are very good for getting baby back...
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    Re: Beer to increase supply?

    This is a myth that has a little fact in it.
    The grains that some beer is derived from act as galactagogues in some women. But alcohol dehydrates so that will tend to lower production.
    Of course,...
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    Re: Recurrent Mastitis/ Weaning?

    Have you seen this article on reoccurring mastitis? http://kellymom.com/bf/concerns/mother/recurrent-mastitis/
  18. Re: Baby Refusing Bottle During Specific Feeding Only

    If baby is truly being cue fed, she may want to eat twice some days and 5 times other days. I would suggest, discuss with nanny if she is using paced bottle feeding techniques. Also, cue feeding does...
  19. Re: overwhelmed. Quit or combo feed? 7 weeks PP, mostly pump

    I agree with mommal.
    Breastfeeding does get easier. But pumping every three hours will pretty much be just as hard on day 100 as it was on day one! This is why rigid pumping schedules like this...
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    Re: Too long between feedings??

    Nursing 6 times a 24 hour day would be on the low end of normal for a 2 month old. However, for some babies, it would certainly be enough. This infographic explains one reason why different babies...
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    Re: olive oil safe?

    I certainly understand wanting to give up due to the pain. It's frustrating though because while sometimes thrush really hangs on, or mom has the issue of recurrent thrush usually because she is...
  22. Re: Almost 4 year old nursing with 9 month old!

    No, he did not like limits and here is what helped him accept them:
    I would say "Would you like to nurse for the time it takes me to sing "Twinkle Twinkle" or Ba ba black sheep? YOu choose."
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    Re: Am I nursing too often?

    I think your pump output sounds entirely normal. It will probably increase, and of course when you're back at work and pumping instead of nursing you can probably expect to get more per pump session....
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    Re: Help! :(

    Wow this sounds like you've had a really difficult time of it.
    I really understand being disappointed. But it truly does very often take time for any surgical revisions to make a difference. And the...
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    Re: 3 Week Old Tends to Block Feed

    Oh okay I see you are feeling very full in between.
    In that case, if you cannot get baby to nurse a little more often, what about trying a little hand expression to relieve the pressure in between...
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