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    Green onions for teething???

    My husband's aunt recommended we give our 5.5 month old the long part of a green onion to chew on to help with teething discomfort. Has anyone heard of this or used this? He is still ebf. We...
  2. Re: got my period - is this normal?

    I also had bleeding at 10 weeks which I assumed was my period. I had bleeding about 26 days after that again and I haven't had any bleeding since. My son is now 5 months and I'm sure I'm not...
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    Re: Occassional bottle

    Thanks for the great ideas. Baby is eating every 2 hours during the day right now.
  4. Full after nursing on one side

    Lately my 3 1/2 month old DS will only nurse from 1 side and then when I offer the other breast he is not interested at all. Then at the next feeding I'll feed him from the side he didn't want and...
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    Occassional bottle

    I have a 3 1/2 month old DS. I was wondering when would it be okay to give bottle so DH could occassionally feed him? Also, when would be the best time of day to pump and how much?
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