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    Re: baby shots and baby

    Call me crazy but I get my lo's shots done on time, every time. Really it's like gambling - and I hate gambling- it's like you either have to give your children vaccines, which of course are not...
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    Re: more issues

    Hi! When my ds was born he failed to gain any weight between week 2 and 3 so the LC had me do all sorts of things and one of them was to drink the mother's milk tea. I guess it helped (although I'm...
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    Re: Sour Milk?

    I had that same problem my first go round. I defrosted some milk and it tasted like how spit up smells-not good! What you will have to do (assuming you are storing correctly and it is not spoiling...
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    Re: sore nipple

    I had one of those once which lead to a plugged duct. I can't even remember why it occurred to me to do this, but I just popped it with a sterile needle and after the next nursing the plugged duct...
  5. Re: has your body temperature increased?

    I had the same experience after dd- I remember going skiing when she was like 7months old and not feeling particularly uncomfortable when I am usually freezing to death. I chalked it up to the extra...
  6. Re: SAHM Wants to Go Out of House Untethered

    Yea! Awesome! I love that feeling of stashing the milk in the freezer...I think I need to get out more:lol
  7. Re: Pain when latching and return of fertility?

    Oh man, same here! I'm glad I'm pg now because that week of painful latching was so much worse than the soreness with being pg....so far!
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    Re: Mastis or Just Clogged?

    Ouch! Sounds like a plugged duct to me, too. What works for me is to hot compress your breast for 10 min or so and then do some baby feeding acrobatics: (try this on the bed or floor!) nurse the baby...
  9. Re: SAHM Wants to Go Out of House Untethered

    When my babies started sleeping from bedtime (like 6pm or 7pm) until 1am or so, I would pump before I went to bed at like 10pm or so. It worked well for me for 2 babies and no formula.
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    Re: Plugged Ducts - need advice

    Hi! Just throwing my 2 cents in here. I struggle with plugged ducts, too. What works for me is dry compress (rice sock warmed in microwave) for 10 min and then baby nursing acrobatics! Meaning I...
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    Re: Plugged Ducts - need advice

    oops- double post
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    Re: One glass of wine...?

    Hey Ladies,
    I love to have a glass of wine here and there, but alas I am really too tired to enjoy it! One glass makes me sooooo sleepy! OH well....maybe in like 10 years it will be better :lol I'm...
  13. Re: Do you brush lo's teeth after nursing before bed?

    I don't brush my LO's teeth after nursing, he goes from the boob, to hugs to the bed. No cavities, but then again we haven't been to the dentisit, either....Even though our pedi said we should go, I...
  14. Re: Positioning/Cost of Lactation Consultant?

    When I went to see my LC for troubles, my insurance covered a large portion of it- I think I only paid $15-30 out of pocket. Check your insurance!
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    Re: Any suggestions?

    Pumping blows. :lol Are you planning on having any more LO's? If so, I would invest in a good pump- I have the Medela Pump in Style and have used it for 2 Los and it still works great! But if you...
  16. Re: HELP!! Major Mastits and engorgment issues

    Wow, I can totally sympathize. I am so sorry it has been rough. You are a very good Mommy to keep working at it (who knew it would be SUCH hard work!). I wanted to write and tell you to make sure you...
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    Re: spitting out

    Maybe she's just playing:lol
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    Re: Need Help!

    Congrats on your new little one! When everything is not 100% it can totally be scary! You are doing a great job. Get thee to a Lactation counselor poste haste! She really can help you out on...
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    Re: 6 days and in so much pain!

    Hey Momma!
    I am sorry about the pain- I can totally relate! I have scars on my nipples from dd#1- ouch! I agree with Momma1- get to the LC post haste! I wished I would have gone sooner. And I wanted...
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    Re: When did you stop leaking?

    Bad news!- Not yet (it totally isn't bad enough to wear breast pads, though) ds is almost 20 months! BUT I stopped leaking with dd at 3 months. Crazy!
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    Re: plugged duct for over a week

    Hi I have some experience with plugged ducts so here goes: what really helps mine is get an athletic sock and fill it with 3-5 cups of rice, pop it in the microwave for a minute or so- be careful not...
  22. Re: Looking for Suggestions....;):)Update Mastitis

    Hi Karen,
    I am so happy you have gotten most of your problems resolved! Yea! You must feel like a new woman:clap With my first, I got an abrasion type wound from breastfeeding on one of my nipples...
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    Re: 3 Weeks In and Close to Giving Up!

    Oh Mommy to Kaitlyn,
    Because she can't do it, I'll say it for her : 'Thank you Mommy for working so hard for me :-)'

    I can totally sympathize with the lack of the graceful, sweet breastfeeding...
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    Re: Soo many questions from a new mom...

    Hi new mamma!
    First of all, you are doing a great job! Those crazy pedi's make me insane because they give all this lip service to breastfeeding in their literature (AAP) but when it comes down to...
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    Re: Still Sore..Ouch!

    I, too, have nipple pain and those blasted inverted nipples- seems like they go hand in hand. My nipple pain usually spontaneously resolves after 6-8 weeks postpartum. I'm not sure there is a...
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