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  1. Re: Excruciating refilling pain in left breast!

    Some questions for you:
    - Any changes in the skin of the nipple or areola? For example, skin appearing red, flaky, dry, shiny, or cracked?
    - Have you or baby had a recent course of antibiotics?
  2. Re: Help! How to cope w/ intense negative feelings nursing 2

    So glad to hear that things worked out to everyone's satisfaction! That is a great end to the story. Or maybe a beginning, since your LO is still nursing his stuffies?!
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    Re: Flying without baby

    I can't offer any insight on the flask idea, but it seems to me that it would be a good idea to take your spectra on the trip. If you don't generally use a handheld pump, you don't know if it will...
  4. Re: 3 month old weight gain slowed down

    Since the 11 and 13 week weights were done on different scales, you can't compare them. Proper weigh-in procedure calls for a baby to always be weighed on the same scale, and that scale should be a...
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    Re: Healing with breastfeeding


    To my knowledge, there is no truth to the doctor's assertion that healing takes longer when you are breastfeeding. The statement about menopause is also a little bit dodgy. When you are...
  6. Re: Nipple changes after breast-feeding?

    I believe this is normal. Time and gravity, and weight gain and weight loss, make everything head south eventually... ;)

    I know women with nips who are always pointing south, and I think it's...
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    Re: pumping question

    Yes, it is certainly possible! Many moms discover that they have a shortfall in pump output during the workday, and make up for it by pumping at night. I personally wonder how likely it is that you...
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    Re: 9 month baby poor weight

    Here are some things you can do that may help your child gain more weight:
    1. Offer to nurse more often when you are home with your baby. More nursing = more calories.
    2. Have his daycare provider...
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    Re: 4.5 months old not gaining weight


    Can you post a weight history for the baby? It might help us see whether what is happening was a period of slow gain followed by normal gain, as one would expect when a baby is sick and...
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    Re: Does nursing position matter?

    If you're like most moms, you have probably seen a lot of advice saying that babies "should" feed every 3 hours. That's actually the absolute minimum for a real baby. Real babies usually feed at...
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    Re: Need to support breast whole feed

    Very doubtful that you will always have to support the breast. 5 week-old babies can barely lift or control their own heads. Older babies, though- they have more head control, more strength, they...
  12. Re: Ready to (partially?) wean, but baby isn't

    There is an app called "Breathing Zone" that I really like for when I have trouble falling asleep. It walks you through a short session of deep breathing, which can really help shut down the...
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    Re: Frequent poops at 4 months

    It shouldn't be the norm, though! I usually don't advocate switching pediatricians- I feel that if you have a doc who is a good diagnostician, he/she is worth keeping- but if you feel like your doc...
  14. Re: Ready to (partially?) wean, but baby isn't

    I nursed my kids until they were 3 years old, but the only way I did so without resentment was because I weaned them down to 1-2 nightly nursing sessions at around 12 months, and none by age 2. I...
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    Re: Frequent poops at 4 months

    I had one kid who would routinely go a week between poops and one who pooped 3-5 times a day until close to a year. Both 100% normal.

    I'm a little surprised that the doc told you to go to the ER...
  16. Re: cracked nipple that won't heal... OUCH!

    Vasospasms would not cause a crack. Most likely, whatever caused the crack is also causing the vasospasm. When baby comes off the breast, does the nipple look ridged/wedged/creased/shaped like a...
  17. Re: everything going wrong..desparate for help!!

    Speaking as someone who has done the triple feeding routine- nurse, bottle-feed, and pump- it is REALLY hard. Don't beat yourself up if you cannot always achieve the "ideal" amount of pumping. ...
  18. Re: Parenting advice - toddler and ebf infant

    :cheer Yay for the stroller! So glad it worked. I remember doing it with my LOs every day, even in the dead of winter... It's a sweet memory- bundling my LOs up, going out in the snow, seeing the...
  19. Re: Transition from Breastfeeding to Solids After the First

    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm so glad that someone directed you to Kellymom- it's so rare to find anyone getting directed to good information! So, as you've correctly figured out, nursing to 12...
  20. Re: Newborn not transferring enough milk

    Welcome to the forum! The best thing I can say about babies who have difficulty nursing in the beginning is that often they just suddenly figure it out. Something clicks in their little brains, and...
  21. Re: Have you seen this article against bfing past 2?

    :ita That is why I love this site so much. People actually cite peer-reviewed literature, have an understanding of what a pre-digested media report is vs. what actual research is...
  22. Re: 7 Days and having so much pain. ..please help!

    :ita with MaddieB!

    When your baby comes off the breast, what shape is the nipple? Symmetrical, like a pencil eraser, or ridged/wedged/creased/shaped like a new lipstick?
  23. Re: Starting and stopping solids.. twice :(

    If you feel like your child isn't having a good time with purées and you'd like to switch to baby-led solids, go for it! There is no reason to think that it would be harmful, and every reason to...
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    Re: Frustration with the bottle

    That's great that the syringe seemed to work! Fingers crossed that either syringe feeding or one of those expensive new bottles does the trick.

    Thanks for not going :yikes at the idea of your...
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    Re: pumping question

    It's great to hear that breastfeeding is going so well for you!

    Hmm, not sure I agree with your HV's advice. It's generally recommended that you leave approximately 1.5 oz of milk per hour of...
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