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  1. Homeopathic Products


    Homeopathy is a philosophy of medicine created in the 19th century by a German physician named Samuel Hahnemann, and is based on a few central principles:

    “Like cures...
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    Re: Mint effecting milk supply?

    There's actually no real data that I can find showing that mint has an effect on supply. As far as I've been able to track down, the reputation comes from anecdotal accounts of moms seeing a dip in...
  3. Dietary Supplements and Herbal Remedies



    The experts at InfantRisk generally recommend that breastfeeding women avoid taking herbal medicines or supplements. Herbal supplements are...
  4. Throat Lozenges/Sprays


    Benzocaine (anesthetic in cough drops/lozenges)

    Ingredient in: Cepacol, Chloraseptic lozenges
    Safety Rating: L2 - No Data-Probably Compatible
    Transfer to Milk:...
  5. Breastfeeding Today, Issue 27, January 2015

    Breastfeeding Today, Issue 27, January 2015

    • What Joyce Taught Me About Birth

    • The Power of Hand Expression

    • Galactagogues - The medications, herbs, and foods that have...
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    Re: Vitamins and herbs

    The 5000 IU of vitamin D that you've been taking may be just about right while you're breastfeeding...

    The Endocrine Society recommends that breastfeeding mothers take 1400-1500 IU per day, plus...
  7. Over-the-counter Cold Medicines

    Most over-the-counter cold medicines are a combination of medications. They usually include a pain reliever and one or more of the following:

    Decongestant - to clear clogged nasal passages
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    Re: About to give up, heartbroken

    I'm so sorry, Crissy! Your post ended up in a moderation queue and I didn't see it until now.

    A fast letdown can make nursing frustrating and upsetting for both of you, and it sounds like yours is...
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    Re: Does Anyone Choose Not to Pump?

    Absolutely! If you don't need to pump, then you don't need to pump. If that makes sense. :D I tried to build a small freezer stash after my oldest was born—just in case—but I couldn't pump more...
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    Re: Cracked nipple

    Wow, that sounds really awful. :( I had pain for a long time with my daughter, but nothing like what you're going through. I'm impressed by your persistence -- I don't think I could have stuck with...
  11. Breastfeeding Today, Issue 26, November 2014

    Breastfeeding Today, Issue 26, November 2014

    • When Stored Milk Smells Soapy or Rancid - excerpt from the book Working and Breastfeeding Made Simple by Nancy Mohrbacher, IBCLC

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    Mary Ann Cahill, LLL Founder

    It is with great sadness that we mourn the passing of Mary Ann Cahill, one of La Leche League’s seven Founders and fellow LLLI Board member, who left us on the morning of October 26, 2014.

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    Re: Streaks of blood in stool

    Just an FYI -- this was part of an older thread, and I split it off into its own thread since it's a new situation. :gvibes
  14. What can I take for a cold or flu?

    Coming down with a cold or flu when you’re nursing a baby brings up some questions — Is it okay to take the medicines I usually take for a cold? Should I nurse my baby when I’m sick? What are safe...
  15. New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 3, October 2014

    New Beginnings, 2014 Issue 3, October 2014

    • SIDS, Suffocation, and the Safe Sleep Seven - excerpt from LLLI's new book Sweet Sleep
    • Tips for Calming Your Fussy Baby
  16. Re: Baby Ioves food more than the breast :(

    bump :gvibes
  17. Re: Weaning 14 month old because of methimazole

    In Medications and Mothers' Milk, Dr. Hale gives methimazole a lactation safety rating of L2 (safer) - Limited Data - Probably Compatible, and says:

    And in this thread on the InfantRisk...
  18. Re: small 3 month old Still hungry after breastfeeding

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    Re: Where's my post?

    Sorry about that... I left a redirect, but maybe it's not showing up for you.

    Since it was about WAH jobs rather than a breastfeeding issue, I moved it to Around the Refreshment Table. You can...
  20. Re: Psoriasis while breastfeeding....

    bump :gvibes
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    Re: Beer to increase supply?

    In Medications and Mothers' Milk, Dr. Hale says

    In the LactMed database entry on alcohol, it says that beer may increase serum prolactin levels during nursing because of polysaccharides from...
  22. Re: Can I nurse after Keratin Treatment?

    I'm sorry your question got missed!

    In case your question comes up again in the future -- I was able to find a response from Dr. Hale (author of Medications and Mothers' Milk) on the InfantRisk...
  23. Re: Enzymes and proteins: always feed two hours apart, min?

    I haven't heard that before, but it seems very unlikely! Many babies nurse more often than every two hours, especially during the early months.

    In fact, nursing more often than every two hours...
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    Re: Teaching 5 month old to nurse

    I've heard of babies latching on for the first time when they're several months old, but I don't know how common it is. :huh Bumping in the hopes that someone else here has some experience with...
  25. Re: Increasing Milk Supply After PICU Stay

    That sounds really stressful! I can imagine how hard it would be to deal with trying to pump on top of everything else.

    I realize you posted this a couple weeks ago... How are things going now?
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