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    Re: Good news!

    That's great news!!:clap I'm hoping for some news like yours soon, I'm on day 7 now. I've been eating my oatmeal and more protein helps too.

    So happy for you, keep us updated. Good news is...
  2. Temas: Sad

    by @llli*girlsmum3

    Re: Sad

    I'm so sorry to read this!:hug
  3. Re: Fenugreek Causing Hypoglycemia to return??

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I think it's time to realize my failure as a nursing mama. 2 pregnancies, 3 failed attempts at nursing the way I had planned, that's depressing.
  4. Re: Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    Having a bad set back today! I'm so weak and tired that I can barely stay awake and the stress at home is not helping. I've had to have my DH do one of my pumps while I was almost passed out in...
  5. Re: Fenugreek Causing Hypoglycemia to return??

    I did read that on the side of the bottle, but I'm not being treated! for my hypoglycemia, I just had my dietary change so that my levels would stay even and it's worked well for 16 years now.
  6. Fenugreek Causing Hypoglycemia to return??

    Okay this morning was freaky!! Today is day 3 of my pumping towards lactation. I did wake up a bit late this morning, I've been a little extra tired with all the changes my body's going through so...
  7. Re: relactation, any help would be great!

    Oh WOW, you should do so well, I'm at 21 months dried up from my milk supply and I'm super hopeful that within a couple to few weeks I should have some pumped milk for my twin girls. I've read all...
  8. Re: Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    Yes I did previously post that my girls may not latch this time *either* being as their sucking power was very weak and immature at birth so I was pumping exclusively at birth despite trying a nipple...
  9. Re: Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    I couldn't afford to rent a hosp grade pump at an average of $60/month and then the cost of accessories and it would be ongoing as I'm not sure that my girls will latch this time around so I bought...
  10. Re: Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    I'm using a Medela Swing 2 phase pump that has the fast light action for 2 mins, then switches to mimic slow steady nursing after let down with adjustable sucking power. I am doing a minimum of 6...
  11. Average Time for Relactation to Start!

    Well I've been pumping for only 2 days now, my nipples are starting to show the ducts, nothing of course is showing up drops wise but looking for some shares as to when was an earliest relactation...
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    Re: My Twins are almost 2!!

    You're right.........I live in London Ontario actually. We just had on of our Londonmoms give birth yesterday in the wee hours of the morning(Tues) and I really wish I could borrow her baby to...
  13. Re: Adoptive Breastfeeding - New Member

    Neat thread............we may be looking into adoption in the near future but at the moment I am trying to relactate after 21 months of no milk for my twins. So I'm not sure if I'm starting from...
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    Re: My Twins are almost 2!!

    Thanks, I'm gonna need as many prayers as any luck to restart my milk supply:lol. I checked out your link, I was on Kellymom yesterday and it did say that women who were adopting and had even had...
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    My Twins are almost 2!!

    My twin girls will be 2 next month (july) and I just recently found out that it might be possible for me to start lactation again after fighting to pump for 3 months but dried up. I have found out...
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