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  1. Re: 6 month growth slowed - breastfeeding problem?

    My DS was a slow gainer too. His ped. GI said to focus on giving him more BM/formula and fatty solids like avocado and rice cereal with high calorie formula. Sounds like your DD is eating a lot of...
  2. Re: help!4 mo old constantly latched on to sleep

    My daughter is 4 months old too. Are you familiar with the book, Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child? It's v. informative about babies' sleep cycles. One thing it talks about is that sleep begets...
  3. Temas: sleeping

    by lilcapeanut

    Re: sleeping

    My DD is 11 weeks old and she usually wakes up 2-3 hours throughout the night. Several weeks ago, she went thru a bad stretch where she woke up every 1-2 hours. Last night, she shocked me by...
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    Re: how much to pump?

    What medication is he on? My DS had bad reflux and was a v. small eater. He was on Prevacid, which took away the pain but he still didn't like to eat - breast or bottle.
  5. How many letdowns do you usually have per nursing session?

    Hi all,

    I'm breastfeeding my 7 week old daughter and things are going well and she's gaining weight nicely. I'm just curious though how many letdowns is "normal". Usually when she nurses, there...
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    Re: Four Week Old Baby .. Need Help

    I have an overactive letdown and oversupply too. Besides having my lil girl nurse basically on top of me as I'm lying down, what really helped is only giving her one breast for several hours, which...
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    HELP - Correcting OALD/Oversupply

    I think I have OALD and oversupply issues. I tried block feeding one side every 2 hours for over a week and having baby nurse while I'm lying down but it doesn"t seem enough as my right breast is...
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    Re: fists of fury

    Have you tried swaddling your babe before nursing? My lil one is also a lil piranha and I will sometimes swaddle her to calm her down before she nurses. The relatching and coughin sounds like maybe...
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    Re: Too Much Milk! Please help!

    Congratulations - my daughter was born on 11/18 so our LOs are about the same age. I also suffer from having too much milk which is so weird b/c with my son, I didn't have enough milk. I got good...
  10. What does it mean when baby starts tugging at my nipple?

    My lil girl is 12 days old and it seems that I have an oversupply - she choked several times while breastfeeding and has plenty of wet and dirty diapers. I've been trying to reduce my supply and...
  11. Do I have an overactive letdown?? HELP!

    My lil one is 9 days old and has a v. strong suck. My breasts usually don't feel v. full but I can tell she is getting plenty of milk. She makes a lot of gulping sounds and will usually pull off my...
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