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    Re: Fussy baby

    Babies go through many growth spurts in the beginning (and one of them is around 2 weeks, so this would be my first guess!) and that can cause fussiness and increased nursing. Continue to nurse him...
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    Re: weird question

    It's likely from let-down. Very normal! :)
  3. Re: Taking turns on each breast per feeding?

    It generally isn't necessary to nurse for a specific amount of time on one breast and then make baby switch. Let your little nurse until she unlatches herself, and then offer the other breast. She...
  4. Re: Is it okay for Daddy to attend meetings?

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! It's so wonderful that your dh is supportive. Many LLL groups do ask that men not attend. For many reasons, some mothers may be uncomfortable with men at...
  5. Re: *I stopped breastfeeding, Now I want to start back*

    I second using a SNS. Your best bet would probably be to cut out bottles completely if you can, and just use the SNS, and pump in between feeds.

    Since she's only 5 weeks, you have a very good...
  6. Re: What was/is your favorite breastfeeding moment!?

    The first time I got to nurse her, definitely. She was in the NICU and I had to wait till she was 11 days old to nurse her. I had only nursed my first briefly (lots of problems from nipple...
  7. Re: How many times a day does a breastfed baby normally poop?

    Very normal! As they get older, it's not uncommon for exclusively breastfed babies to go up to 10 days or so between bowel movements (though I haven't been that lucky :P )
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    Re: Problems Latching my Baby...

    Those first few weeks can be rough!

    The best thing you can do is NO BOTTLES! It might seem like a help at the time, but for such a little baby, it can cause so many problems, and it's just not...
  9. Temas: Fullness

    by CherryBomb

    Re: Fullness

    That's normal, even if you hadn't been pumping (I had to pump for 11 days while mine was in the NICU). Around 6 weeks your supply should be more even. We just passed 6 months and my supply is just...
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    Re: Doesn't Like Cereal

    Well, have you ever tried it? I wouldn't want it either! Very bland, hehe :D

    5 months is still a bit early for the majority of babies, that might have something to do with it, too- ...
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    Re: My baby is a beggar and a snatcher!

    Soliderwife, solids actually have less calories than breastmilk! Starting solids will also not make a baby sleep longer at night; in fact, the opposite can occure if you start before six months...
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