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  1. Re: back problems, constant wanting to nurse, high needs

    I found I was able to instill more boundaries after age 2. My son was able to better understand, "first, then," compromise, limits, etc. For example, letting him know you'll read two books together...
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    Re: Infant losing interest in BF

    I'm going to agree that he's getting a LOT of milk during the day. Keep in mind that most pediatricians know very little about the eating habits of bf babies. I'm amazed you're even able to pump that...
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    Re: help please

    You mentioned she's distracted during the day. Could she be making up for it at night? Have you tried nursing her in daytime in a quiet, darkened room to minimize distractions and increase daytime...
  4. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Happy update here:

  5. Yay! FINALLY weaned off nipple shield

    I posted my initial nipple shield lament here:


    We kept at it. I tried...
  6. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Thank you for sharing your story, missjilly. Yes, I have a love/hate for the NS, as well. Realistically, who knows if DS and I would have gotten this far without it. I'd rather BF with a NS than...
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    Re: Help with 11W Growth Spurt


    You had a rough start but are sticking with it. I've most definitely had 2+ hour nursing sessions. My son has pulled all-nighters, too.
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    Re: Bringing milk to daycare

    Great idea!
  9. Re: Dont know how this isngoing to work

    Let me add that I also think DS nursed constantly during growth spurts for comfort as well as food. He just seemed uncomfortable and I'd wonder if his body felt sore from all the growth. Just a...
  10. Re: Dont know how this isngoing to work

    I've mentioned this a few times on this forum because it's so fresh in my head... the 6 week mark was absolute BFing hell for me and my LO. That growth spurt was such a challenge and I would have...
  11. Re: PLEASE HELP!!-Want to move from supplementing to EBF

    I just wanted to say that my son always seemed hungry the first few months (he's now 3 months), especially during the 3 and 6 week growth spurts. I basically just hung around topless because he was...
  12. Re: Slowest flow nipples? Glass bottles?

    Just to update: I received the Evenflos and Dr. Brown preemie nipples and LOVE this combo. DS actually savored his bottle and drank only 3oz before realizing he was full (he was previously chugging...
  13. Re: Question about breastshield size

    Thank you! I ended up ordering a 21mm from Medela AND the pumpin pals since I need several flanges for work anyway and thought I'd try them. Thanks for the suggestions!
  14. Question about breastshield size

    I need to order extra parts for my pumps and noticed that the breastshields come in different sizes. So far, I've been okay with the standard medium, but my nipples are small and I wonder if I should...
  15. Re: Slowest flow nipples? Glass bottles?


    All the nipples are new (rarely used) and size 1. I tested them like you suggested and while the Avent nipple was a drop per second, the Medela was definitely faster. Interesting...
  16. Re: Slowest flow nipples? Glass bottles?

    Thanks auderey. I was just looking into the evenflo as they're compatible with medela PIS... And cheap! Anyone know if nuk nipples are compatible with them? Also, do you know if the medela bottle...
  17. Slowest flow nipples? Glass bottles?

    I'm going to be returning to work in a couple weeks, so DS will be bottle-fed EBM during the day. He's already has the occasional bottle in preparation, but drinks them down way too fast! DH tries to...
  18. Re: Leaky Lansinoh storage bags -- anyone else have this iss

    Losing milk is HEARTBREAKING! I noticed that several of the reviews on Lasinoh on Amazon complain of a leaking issue. I got them anyway because they, along with Medela were the only available...
  19. Re: Gutted. 21 month old still asking 6 times a day but no m

    Hey mama, I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I'm afraid I don't have any advice, but saw you had a lot of views and no responses and I wanted to at least lend my support. I hope others have advice...
  20. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Most of what I've read so far has been about LOs weaning at about 6 weeks, so when 6 weeks came and went without success, I started to panic. Hearing that it's...
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    Re: A Very Reluctant 4 yr old

    Hey mama. I don't have experience with weaning but I have loads of experience with children on the spectrum and will try to offer suggestions from that angle. As I'm sure you know, one of the...
  22. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Thank you mama. I did read the Kellymom article and it was very helpful. It seems that the common advice is patience and persistence, so I'm going to try to keep the faith. I would love to succeed...
  23. Re: Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Thank you, this makes sense. I've decided that I'm dedicating all day tomorrow to laying in bed with my son, skin to skin, to just focus on weaning. My gut tells me not to force anything. Yesterday,...
  24. Re: Need help! Baby cues for feeding non-stop! Silent reflux

    To me, it all sounds very normal and it sounds like you're doing a fabulous job. I'm no expert (just one 12-week baby), but since I've recently gone through your phase I know it was literally the...
  25. Can't Ween off Nipple-shield. Help! (Sorry, long)

    Hi, I'm a first time mom and new to this forum. Edit: just noticed I spelled "wean" wrong in title. Oh well :-p

    Without getting into the details, I was given a nipple shield in the hospital after...
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