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  1. What can i do so my left breasts produces more milk?

    My right breast is bigger and has better letdown and probably more milk. My left breast is a bit smaller and my letdowns are harder to trigger. Milk quantity is probably less, since I dont hear LO...
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    When did you introduce water?

    I did when he showed interest (around 9 months). I'd let him drink a little from my cup. Around 10 months, I started giving him water at meal times because he'd stare at me like "Why aren't you...
  3. Should i offer water in a sippy cup?

    So we've had low milk supply issues from the start and for that we use an SNS and i pump every 2 hours. He likes the boob and lately we've introduced water from one of our "adult" cups. I like it bc...
  4. Have any of you used Reglan or Domepridone to increase milk supply?

    I've tried everything (Fenugreek, blessed thistle, fennel, goat's rue, shatavari) and nothing really worked. I'm considering Reglan or domepridone but i'm really afraid of the side effects....
  5. Re: Issues with Weight/ Doctors PLEASE HELP!

    Hi there mama

    My son weighed 18lbs at 8 1/2 months but he still had a little double chin and pretty thick legs. I understand that breastfeeding your child might make some doctors doubtful,...
  6. Re: A list of things to do to increase supply

    I've been having lactation issues since my LO was a month old

    Goat's Rue from Wish Gardens really helped me.

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    Re: "Lesser" known galactagogues


    I've only been trying the Goat's rue for a week but it seems to be helping a lot. I'm noticing fast letdown and more milk...
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    Re: Tubular Breasts

    Congrats on your baby! I also have somewhat tubular breasts. Here's my story: my baby bf'ed great till we reached the 3 wk mark. My LC said it was bc of stress, which at the time i had bc i was a...
  9. Re: How can you tell when your LO is nursing for comfort or bc is hungry?

    Good point. It's just i always heard 'my baby likes to comfort nurse' from a friend so i didnt really know what that means since, like you said, using the SNS is primarily for being able to feed on...
  10. How can you tell when your LO is nursing for comfort or bc is hungry?

    I really dont know the difference. I've always had to use an SNS because i dont make enough milk so this whole nursing for comfort has me wondering. Do they still suckle? Sorry for the dumb question...
  11. Re: Has anyone tried goat's rue for low milks supply?

    Yes and to be honest im tired of trying most of them without yielding results. As opposed to most moms i rather try herb supplements last when else has failed.
  12. Has anyone tried goat's rue for low milks supply?

    I've tried fenugreek, fennel and blessed thistle and none worked. What somewhat seems to work is beer. I hear goat's rue is given as a common galactagogue in france and it has great success. Has...

    you can use an sns while your supply gets back up.

    This will enable you to...
  14. Re: Does anyone know someone who has extra breast milk

    I have posted on both. Someone told me that it wont be right away and that's ok. I just need milk soon :o Thanks mamas :hug
  15. Does anyone know someone who has extra breast milk

    Hello everyone. I'm a mother who has dealt with low supply issues for 7 months now. I've tried it: pumping, breast compressions, galactagogues, skin to skin, nursing often, re-created birth in the...
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    Will i ever stop pumping?

    I started when my DS was 3 mo old... that was almost 3 months ago. Gosh it seems like forever! lol So i've seen improvement in produciton but my flow isnt as great thought with minimal improvement. I...
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    Re: shatavari

    Nope but it doesnt mean it wouldnt work for you. I'd check in with a Chinese or Indian herbalist. I've heard of Goat's Rue, Blessed Thistle, Oatmeal, Barley, Beer (the hops in it help, and i saw a...
  18. Re: Doctor is pushing formula for poor weight gain

    My baby started off the same weight as yours but by the end of 1st month he was in the 25%. He was having enough wet diapers, though possibly not as full. It was determined i wasnt producing enough...
  19. Re: When did you notice your LO not nurse as often as he did

  20. Does one of your breasts make more than the other?

    I dont know all mamas do, but my right breast makes more than my left. You can also tell by its size. Also my DS prefers the right breast. Odd :D
  21. What is the limit age/month when a mother NEEDS to introduce solids

    What i mean is, one can nurse an infant for many years (until the infant wants to stop) however what is the limit for only nursing WITHOUT solids? When will an infant/baby be needing more nutrients...
  22. When did you notice your LO not nurse as often as he did

    when he was a newborn? My DS is 4 mo and i'd say around 3 mo and 1/2. Is this normal? He used to nurse at least every hour and now he usually nurses 5 times a day, 6 if lucky. I think he's doing ok...
  23. Will expressing my milk increase my milk supply

    or does pumping do a better job? I was told to pump in between feedings but i'm having problems with my pump (my nipple might be too small and i'm already using a 21mm flange!), my nipple and areola...
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    Diflucan in Breast milk

    Is it safe to give to my kid? I'm using an SNS atm so i'll take BM over formula but i'm not sure... This lady was recommended to me by my midwife and she knew she had had thrush. Though she said it...
  25. Re: If u've used a Lactation Aid/SNS, how long did it take 4 ur milk supply to increa

    Did you pump too? or just used the SNS?
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