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    Re: Depressed & Discouraged

    I agree with all of these posters :) Just keep on keepin' on mama. Each baby is so different. It sounds like you're doing all the right things!
  2. Re: What Is The True Defenition Of Comfort Feeding

    I'm not sure what you are wanting to compare it to (wanting to know the difference between comfort feeding and what?).
    I started out planning to have a feeding schedule when our first was born. As...
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    Re: Birth Control while BFing

    I didn't take the mini-pill for more than a week after my first was born. It just didn't feel right to me to be taking hormones while bf.
    Have you checked into Natural Family Planning (NFP)? We...
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    Re: Ready to sleep all night!

    I reached a point with all three of mine that I needed to sleep at night. Once they were eating solids and nursing more for comfort...
    DH is wonderful about helping to settle them during the night....
  5. Re: I need a little help and alot of encouragement!!

    Eating oatmeal can be a great help. Lots of water. Maybe not giving the pacifier, but letting baby use you as the pacifier :D That's always a nice help.
    Hang in there! Breastfeeding is such a...
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    Re: About to give up

    :hug It does sound like you have an awful lot going on...I admire you for your commitment! I agree with eating oatmeal. It's a big help. Lots of water, as much rest as you can manage. I know...
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