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    Colic and breast refusal

    My little guy is now 2 months old. I would say he has a fairly good dose of colic that lasts almost all day but he sleeps well at night. The colic started about 3 weeks ago. I took him to the doctor...
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    Re: Almost 3 month old

    When my nipples get sore, it is almost always from a plugged duct. Do you feel any lumps or other tenderness in your breast?
  3. Re: Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    Thanks ladies! I do feel a bit better.
    For more of the back story: I had mean engorgment that eventually led to mastitis and my little one was very fussy at the breast, would not comfort nurse,...
  4. Does green stools always equal too much foremilk?

    I am currently tandem nursing my 3 week old ds and my 3.5 year old dd. I'm block feeding and trying to deal with oversupply. I am trying to figure out if my little one is getting enough hindmilk....
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