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  1. Re: 10 day old baby and inadequate milk supply

    It's also worth noting that even if you do have a low storage capacity and a baby who needs to nurse very frequently, it will still generally get easier with time, because the length of those feeds...
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    Re: One year and counting :)

    Congrats! Happy birthday to your "little" guy, who sounds very similar to my big daughter, who was about the same size at her 1st birthday! Only difference is she was a 1/2 inch taller!
  3. Re: Help! When Breastfeeding to sleep stops working?..

    This is pretty much exactly what I did when my daughter went through a similar thing around the same age. I would say that I can still nurse to sleep most of the time now (she is 17 months), but it...
  4. Re: Extra small nipples = pumping hell! So frustrated!!!!!

    :ita Definitely, definitely the no clock checking, no counting wakings thing! Every single time I would slip and check a clock, my sleep went right out the window. I also had to "learn" to go to...
  5. Re: Extra small nipples = pumping hell! So frustrated!!!!!

    I think you are doing awesome, too! I hope the hospital grade rental helps. And honestly, tons of night nursing isn't so bad either...it took me some weeks in the beginning to learn to sleep...
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    Re: Flange Fit Advice

    My nipples swell up and expand in the flanges when I pump, so I don't think that particular experience is unusual or abnormal. I also had to use 21 mm flanges for the first few months of pumping...
  7. Re: Strange distracted behavior by 11 week old

    Any chance your partner can help out with these tasks? My daughter was one of those constantly latched, super super super frequent feeders, and the biggest and best solution we had for that was to...
  8. Re: 36 hour trip--is pumping necessary?

    I would also say it's really possible too that your response to the pump has dwindled a lot, but your supply is not necessarily as low as your pump output might otherwise suggest. My pump output is...
  9. Re: Quantity of milk to send to daycare?

    Definitely try swapping those membranes out if you haven't! In my case, almost every single time I noticed a dip in my output over the first year, swapping out my membranes fixed the problem. I had...
  10. Re: Extra small nipples = pumping hell! So frustrated!!!!!

    I can also vouch for the Simple Wishes bra. It is completely adjustable. It has a panel you can zip in and out of the center, plus a Velcro adjustable back panel. You really can customize that bra...
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    Re: Frozen milk from 4 months ago?

    As far as I know, milk is considered "good" in a separate compartment freezer for up to 6 months, so you should be just fine.

    That said, you'll know if the milk is bad. Just give it a sniff. :)
  12. Re: Quantity of milk to send to daycare?

    Is baby nursing around the clock when you're together otherwise? No weight gain concerns?

    I think if the answer to both of those questions is yes, and if your baby was comfortably following...
  13. Re: 8 month old frequent nurser & "failure to thrive"


    With respect to the night time issues--well, my daughter would wake if she wasn't physically touching me until she was about 14-15 months old. Now at approaching 17 months, she seeks me out...
  14. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins

    You can wake and feed her if you like, or you can keep on "dream feeding" just like you are. I bedshare with my daughter, so I would say 95% of her night feeds were always "dream feeds." She'd just...
  15. Re: Breast still full after pumping for 30 mins

    Well, I'm going to skip right to the one thing that is glaring to me as the biggest issue: your baby is being overfed by your daycare provider. 20 oz of milk over an 8.5 hr day is just too much...
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    Re: Thinking of weaning at 8 wks

    This is so great to hear! Congrats, mama!
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    Re: Pump weaning

    Hey, this sounds like me! So, I can just share my experience with the process, if it helps any. My daughter is 16 months old, and I'm actually still pumping once a day (as we speak, in fact!) at...
  18. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    That is hysterical!
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    Re: Flange too large or too small?

    The video will not play on my phone but it is very common for moms to need to go up a flange size after returning to work and pumping for a few weeks. If you are uncomfortable and the nipple is...
  20. Re: 4 month - start schedule or continue baby-led?

    :ita I cannot agree more with this. I see so many parents and families driving themselves absolutely bonkers trying to control these things when there is ultimately nothing to be gained by this...
  21. Re: HELP: How many ounces per bottle while at daycare?

    That other mom is definitely sending milk in the quantities of overfeeding territory. That's more milk than the average breastfed infant will drink in an entire 24 hour period! That's fantastic for...
  22. Re: I feel lost with breastfeeding. LO is underweight. Pls h

    I think if there is any concern about weight gain at all, the best solution is to try and do whatever you can to increase the number of feeding sessions baby has. So if baby is sleeping through the...
  23. Re: Drastic drop in supply for no apparent reason!!!

    It is going to take a bit of time to see a response if you've only just increased your pumping frequency--probably longer than 48 hours! You just need to keep telling your body that there is this...
  24. Re: Drastic drop in supply for no apparent reason!!!

    Well...how can you be sure that two is still enough? Pumps are not as efficient as a well nursing baby is, so it's entirely possible you need to pump more frequently. So even though baby might...
  25. Re: Block feeding to correct foremilk/hindmilk imbalance

    Is the doc actually an IBCLC, or is he just calling himself a lactation consultant? This is an important distinction!

    I would agree 100% with you. There are no health risks to being gassy,...
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