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    Re: Night nursing

    Thanks a lot for your replies!

    @ danlynclark, I used this method with DD1 and DD2 at 18 mo but that was because I was either PG or TTC, now I'm not only not going to TTC but also don't want to...
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    Night nursing

    I'm nursing my 19 mo DD3 and unlike with my other two, I'm in no rush to night wean as she is my last baby :( BUT...she is still waking up to nurse at least 3 times a night and up for the day at 5am....
  3. Re: Do any blw babies develop any eating problems at all?

    I did BLS with DD2 and DD3, not with DD1, they are all good eaters (I don't force them to eat if they are not hungry but offer healthy choices) I believe it's not about the way you introduce solids...
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    Re: OUCH!!! Help!!

    What always worked for me (I have 3 girls) was to push her face towards my breast when she is biting. I don't say a word nor make a sudden move. She is forced to open her mouth to breath and the bad...
  5. Re: problema con la congestión en los senos.

    Antes que nada, no, no vas a tener que seguir con fiebre toda la lactancia, alrededor de los 3 o 4 meses la produccion de leche se adapta a las necesidades de tu bebe. Pero mientras tanto no tenes...
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    Re: Depresión post parto

    Hola Sirenita!

    No se que decirte. Por favor no te dejes estar, no hay por que sufrir. Mientras esperas por una cita, solo hace cosas q te den placer, un masaje, un day spa. Cuidate!
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    Re: BLs and day care

    To do BLS your baby needs to:

    1) Ability to sit up unassisted.
    2) Showing an interest in food at mealtimes (although some babies do this earlier and its just practicing and copying.)
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    Re: Weaning party criteria and ideas

    I can't really advice you on party ideas but I think a party of just 3 is not really a party. I would wait longer and make a big deal, invite a few of her friends, just 3 of her friends and would...
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    Re: Pecho más grande que el otro

    Es normal producir mas leche de un lado que de otro. Es cierto que sacarte leche con el sacaleche va a aumentar la produccion innecesariamente. Mi recomendacion es que amamantes el doble del lado mas...
  10. Re: Nursing baby to sleep at 3 mos -- bad habit?

    I wish DD3 would have nursed to sleep like my other babies but at your LO's age she wasn't and it was really hard to put her down. I say ENJOY it while it lasts, it won't last forever. DD1 and DD2...
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    Re: Not sure what to do next...

    I never pumped but read here that pumping is WAY harder than breastfeeding (breastfeeding becomes SUPER easy after a few months)

    My advice is, keep trying with the latch but if your nipples don't...
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    Re: Conversations with my 4yo:

    LOL DD2 used to ask to nurse saying "pupo" which means belly button in Spanish baby-talk and kept calling it like that for a long time after weaning, too cute!
  13. Re: how to make a 6 m.o. drink b/milk from a bottle?

    Do you co-sleep? Co-sleeping might encourage more night nursing
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    Re: Alergia a la leche de vaca:(

    Lamentablemente no tengo experiencia con este tema pero mi intuicion me dice que elimines la leche de tu dieta por un par de semanas y veas que pasa. Alguien con mas experiencia seguramente va a...
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    Re: Mi bebe no se llena!!

    Antes que nada un bebe de solo 3 semanas que duerme siestas de 20 min es totalmente normal. Quizas lo que te diga no es lo que queres escuchar pero tener un bebe es trabajo. Vas a dormir poco y vas a...
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    Re: Pinching!!

    Can you hold her hand from the start? I mean, as soon as you start nursing, hold her hand so that she can't start pinching altogether? Do you think that could work?
  17. Re: Seriously worried - Thumb sucking covering hunger cues?

    Enjoy it!! It might not last :P DD3 is a thumbsucker and the best of my sleepers. We co-sleep so I usually sleep feed her when I go to bed and she usually wakes up two more times (last night night...
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    Re: Wedding & Nursing Baby

    :ita with djs.mom
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    Re: Dar de comer jugando

    personalmente yo no haria todo eso. Toda la situacion de la comida tiene q ser un ambiente relajado. Un ninio no se va a morir de hambre, si tiene hambre come, sino, no come.
    El primer anio la...
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    Re: ¿existe la obesidad en bebes?

    Estoy de acuerdo con mommal!

    Lo primero q tenes q hacer es convencerte de q la leche materna NO puede provocar obecidad. No se puede sobrealimentar a un bebe de teta aunque quisieras.
  21. Re: No come ni de la teta ni del biberon

    Antes que nada, yo no le daria mas la mamadera. Puedes probar con un vasito con tu leche y segui ofreciendo la teta. My probablemente tengas reflejo de bajada de la leche muy fuerte. Sacarte leche...
  22. Re: 9 months baby, BF very often and eating little solids.

    First of all, don't worry about solids, they don't really need them the first year, it's mostly for experimenting with texture.

    About nursing every 1.5hrs, if you are not doing it yet, I strongly...
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    Re: weening

    I thought nursing strikes only happened to mothers who didn't offer on demand or bottle fed their babies until I had one of those babies ;) I'm a SAHM and never gave a bottle to any of my babies but...
  24. Re: Los dientes de mi hijo. Como evitan las mordidas?

    Yo tuve mucho exito con mis 3 nenas. Empece mas temprano, cuando todavia no tenian dientes pero lo podes hacer en cualquier momento.

    Cuando sientas que esta presionando el diente, aprieta su...
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    Re: 3 month old spitting up A LOT!

    If baby is happy and making enough wet and dirty diapers, there's nothing to worry about. DD1 and DD3 spit up a lot, I mean projectile style of spitting up, not just white with curds. It seemed like...
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