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    Re: Over weight baby???

    my LO has the same Bday as MO and I weighed her at the Dr.'s on monday and she is 16.5 at four months and was 9 pounds 4 oz at birth, 14.8 at two months. Dr says exclusive Bf babys are bigger in...
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    Re: active baby at the breast

    I have a 16.5 pound four month old that has "clicked" since she was 4 days old my dr. and lactaton nurse says it is her way of eating fast and not choking and some babys just do it by reflex actions...
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    Re: 3mo Biting My Nipple With Her Gums

    Me to I have Nessa, she has been biting me at most of her feedings to but she has never taken a bottle or a passifier for anyone. She was 9lb 4 oz at birth but is now 16 lb 6 oz and is still growing...
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    No time alone away from baby

    I have two other older children that were BF children and took bottles on occassion from family but my third child is also BF but is refusing a bottle and the passifire. I have tried every bottle...
  5. Re: Advice to keep up supply while supplementing

    I have had production of milk problems with my two older children and the leader I had then told me o try an herbal suppliment called fenugreek it helps to promote milk production and is safe for...
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