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    Re: Restraining the baby & shallow latch

    Nursing necklace worked for the first 10 mins with my DS, but afterwards, he gets disinterested and goes back to yanking my boob. Like a lot of the mamas here, my nips have desensitized so when he...
  2. Re: Need some advice - weaning 6 month o

    @Mommal - thanks for helping me analyze the situation more clearly.
    @kst.7399 - thanks for the suggestions and the encouragement.

    I've spent the last few days debating whether to wean, my mind...
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    Re: To breastfeed or to not?

    Agree with all the mamas on here. Keep BFing! BM will hydrate your baby better than formula, water or pedialyte. BM will also be easier for your baby to absorb the nutrients since everything in BM...
  4. Need some advice - weaning 6 month old?

    Hi everyone,

    Warning: Wall of text. I need to rant a little and to seek some support...

    Bfing has been tough for me from day 1 and I have faced many challenges along the way. I have had...
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    Re: feeling down

    My DS also had weight gain issues. We just bought a baby/toddler scale and I weighed him at home. It wasn't medical grade, and it was only accurate to 1/2 ounce, but at least it gives me an overall...
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