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    Re: sad to wean

    As an IBCLC, I tell mothers that breastfeeding does not have to be all or nothing. You can always continue nursing while you're together and provide him with with the milk you pump.

    Nature knows...
  2. Please review my lactation website!

    Hi Ladies - Last year I became an IBCLC I created a simple website to share with friends and family since most of my work has been based on referrals. Let me know what you think and if you have any...
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    Re: Not sure what to do...

    Your feelings are not far from what many of us felt in the beginning. What I can say is that your little one may have gone through the 3 wk growth spurt which makes them want to feed more and...
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    Re: Multivitamin for toddler?

    My toddler gets the Dr. Sears multii and fishy ones..he loves them! They are chewy.
  5. Re: So discouraged after 8 weeks, about to give up....

    Try this position: http://www.biologicalnurturing.com/Pages/howtodoit.html

    read the leaflet

    and do a you tube search for biological nurturing.
  6. Re: Pain on the nipple while breastfeeding and afterwards???

    Also try this position: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OfGxq0ZEjYQ

    It's been working wonders in the hosptial where I work, and it's basically about getting back to the basics of breastfeeding.
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    Re: Feeling very discouraged

    I sure you received great advice in the posts above, so I just want to suggest this position for you. Check it out on this video and if you'd like to read more about it google Suzane Colson site,...
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    Re: At My Wits End, Please Help

    Sorry you're so frustrated :( It tough not going with sleep, and feeling alone.

    As for breastfeeding, watch what he's doing on the breast. Look for sucks and swallows. He may just be snacking...
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    Re: what to start 1st

    Squash is also a good one.
  10. Re: creative points when teaching breastfeeding

    the support part is very key....since many of the class info. goes out the window once the baby arrives...all you want at that point is reassurance and answers :) Thank you pp!
  11. Re: creative points when teaching breastfeeding

    thank you!
  12. creative points when teaching breastfeeding

    sorry if my post is a bit off in this section but since you may be moms who remember a recent breastfeeding class, what are some teaching points which you found most helpful or memorable? I'm...
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    Re: so much pain

    sorry to hear that you're in pain :(

    a few things:

    your lo may not neccesarily be eating during those long feeding sessions. do you notice that she's swallowing?

    does she cover more of...
  14. Re: can't get the oversupply under control...thinking of giving up

    Sorry you are feeling that way :( Just wanted to add, that babies don't just act fussy b/c they are hungry. Try wearing a sling around the house. He's young and probably just wants to be held and...
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    Re: Fussy 4 week old

    Output is great!

    Just make sure to watch what he's doing when bfding that he's sucking and swallowing well so you know he's emptying out the breast well before switching to the other side. You...
  16. Re: Green Stool, hindmilk inbalance, supply?

    It's all depends who you ask. Jack Newman a well respected IBLCE says the green poop in bf babies is not something to worry about, if the baby seems fine and is gaining. Others point to a hind/fore...
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    Re: Fussy 4 week old

    Forget to ask...how's his diaper output in 24 hours?

    Also he's very young and probably wants to be next to you. Try skin-skin-contact when he needs to be calmed down. Basically him in a diaper...
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    Re: Fussy 4 week old

    Not that the amount of time on the breast is important to me, but how long does he generally nurse for? When babies get too much foremilk, which is the milk in the beginning of the feeding, they tend...
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    Re: nipples still sore at 7 weeks

    something you can do before latching the baby which is suggested by the previous post, is to massage the baby's face/in a circular motion around the jaw.....that will help them relax and may result...
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    Re: nipples still sore at 7 weeks

    Try to get him when he's showing you the early signs of hunger....wiggling, stretching, sucking lips etc., this will make it easier to latch him on. Also, Newman's videos are great. You can find...
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    Re: No Poop...6 days!

    It is very normal at her age for babies to go even 10 days without pooping. If she seems content and comfortable, she's okay. Not the timing is important to me, but I assume at this point she's...
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    Re: Just A Few Drops?

    My son had a mild case of TT and I didn't find out about it until after a month of him being born. An IBCLC pointed it out, since despite correcting my latch I still felt a pinch when he latched on....
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    Re: Which Sippy Cup

    If he likes his sippy try the gerber kind...it's been my son's favorite and he didn't really start using it until 14 months since he preferred the juice box kind that comes with a straw.
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    Re: Issue with wanting to breastfeed

    I'm sure you're not the first to feel that way, so there's nothing wrong with that feeling.

    What I would say, is that once you educate yourself on the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your...
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    Re: lactose intolerance and more!

    Also foremilk is very high in lactose so if you're switching too soon it may be the reason why he's gassy.
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