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    Re: I'm going to kill my husband...

    Looks like we need a new thread called "I'm going to kill DH because...." Kind of like the confessions.
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    Re: exedrin ok to take while BFing?

    I have taken the Excedrin tension headache this time while pregnant. It doesn't have any aspirin. Just aceteminophin (sp?) and caffeine. They work for me when Tylenol doesn't.
  3. Poll: Re: Do yu feed your baby 100% certified organic foods?

    I would like to throw in here that if you watch for sales and stock up it is not expensive to eat organic meat as well. I got organic boneless skinless chicken breasts on sale for $2/lb. This was me...
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    Re: Aspbergers?

    That's weird. I've never heard that. Our pedi said as long as she was at least trying to eat solids by 1 year she should be fine. She said that until 1 yr. solids were just for practice anyway. Which...
  5. Re: When do babies start sleeping through the night?

    Babies sleep through the night??? :lol My lo is 14 months old and still doesn't sleep through the night.
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    Re: Can you really BF hands free??

    Ask Maria (surfinrn&momtomason..I think that's right). She seems to be the expert on babywearing lol. :gvibes
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    Re: mushrooms?

    I never even thought about that. My LO had her first mushrooms several months ago. She loves stuffed mushrooms. I was surprised. But she never seemed to have any problems. :shrug
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    Re: Jarred food and homeade food

    We started out with jar food but she never would eat it. By the time she really wanted solids she could handle small bits of regular food so I don't know anything about pureed food. On the oatmeal...
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    Re: Thrush and Diflucan

    can you take it while pregnant? i thought you couldn't. i have had this stupid yeast infection for 2 months and the creams have NEVER worked for me. I've always had to take diflucan but my ob says i...
  10. Re: bizarre question -- dry erase markers!

    I thought alcohol would get into your breastmilk??:shrug
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    Re: Reached the 6 month mark!

    :gvibes :clap :clap
  12. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    Oh I don't know how you do that. My best friend is getting married and I was just telling DH that I feel sorry for her wedding planner. I'm just a bridesmaid and she's driving me insane and her...
  13. Re: What do all you working mamas do for a living?

    I am impressed! I'm a SAHM working on an accounting degree.

    DH is in the Army. He is a cable systems installer and is finishing his fiber optics certifications today.
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    Re: Nervous about Co-sleeping!!

    when our lo is in bed with us i sleep fine but i have noticed that i am very aware of her all night. she usually sleeps on top of DH's arm. we have never rolled over on her or even come close to it....
  15. Re: Pregnant and wanting to BF after awful BFing experience!!

    i don't have any advice because i don't know anything about it but dh and i want to EBF this little one and i haven't done that before so i am right there with you!
  16. Re: Pumpkin's a good baby food, right? Maybe?

    :doh :banghead
  17. Re: Pumpkin's a good baby food, right? Maybe?

    guess i didn't see the pp directions. lol now i feel REALLY clueless. or maybe i'm just losing my mind? anyone else think pregnancy should count as a mental illness?:lol
  18. Re: Pumpkin's a good baby food, right? Maybe?

    ok i feel totally clueless again. how do you take a raw pumpkin and make it edible? i've only ever used can but always wanted to do fresh. and how do you know it's a sugar plum or whatever? the...
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    Re: What if they drop off the chart?

    our lo has always been low on the charts and she was formula fed. but she is healthy and thriving and hitting all of her milestones and I don't need to see her place on a chart to know that. I think...
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    Re: Poly-vi-Sol

    whoops i just saw the older babies part. guess newborn doesn't count does it?
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    Re: Poly-vi-Sol

    our pedi told us to give them to our lo when she was newborn to give her a boost since she was premature.
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    Re: baby/toddler recipes

    my lo LOVES edamame
  23. Re: Question from Husband/Father - help please

    same here. not many husbands would venture into such a "female" place for advice on supporting their wives (although mine secretly reads over my shoulder). your wife is lucky to have such a...
  24. Re: Breastfeeding and Formula Feeding

    i haven't gotten to bf yet but my lo is formula fed and she has been constipated for as long as i can remember. we tried everything the ped said to do but it doesn't help so we just deal with it as...
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    Re: baby/toddler recipes

    my lo is picky too. but she is the opposite. she hates everything EXCEPT veggies. btw your lo and i have the same birthday!
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