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    Re: I hate feeding her!

    I have similar sensitivities to stimulation. And there are many times that I have to end the nursing session sooner than my DS would like. I have to take a break and then come back. It made me...
  2. Re: Had to give my baby formula for the first time :(

    Hey I noticed you are from Texas. hugs from the lone star state too.

    Please check out the link about how to bottle feed a breastfed baby that still.here provided...

    Do you do pacifiers or...
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    Re: BLs and day care

    I'm not really sure I did it right. I didn't read anything about it really, and the foods I presented were VERY well cooked so they basically fell apart or mushed by looking at them. DS is almost 10...
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    Re: transporting breast milk

    I think I would overnight mail it the last day your there and pack it using biomedical guidelines. A UPS store or pack'n'mail should be able to help you with this but then you have to get to one and...
  5. Re: Should I be double pumping when LO only nurses on one si

    I had that problem too. I've had such a roller coaster ride with pumping tbh I don't know what to do either. I really don't think I did things right either so I'm not suggesting you do this...
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    Re: BLs and day care

    I didn't worry about the spoon feeding at daycare but did BLS at home (except DH was so not into the mess so he spoon fed... compromise for the sake of love and marriage) anyways, I didn't send foods...
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    Re: Chronic nasal congestion?

    The most common environmental allergies are pets and smoking (even if one of the DCP workers smokes it can cause the LOs to react) Is she exposed to any of this?

    My son has really bad congestion...
  8. Re: Baby better at breast, but hopsital measures bottles

    I'm glad that everyone there has been so helpful and receptive. And I agree that you have done more than help your LO you've probably helped future preemies too. Way to go :cheer
  9. Re: Returning to Work..Schedule on Weekends

    I do not EP but I would pump more when you can only stick to work schedule when at work because if you've already noticed a decline then at some point it will likely get harder to keep the same...
  10. Re: Baby better at breast, but hopsital measures bottles

    We used it with my LO for about 6wks but I think I could have switched over sooner. I'm glad to hear that things are getting better.
  11. Re: Not keeping up with bottles and worried about overfeedin

    Well the mild doesn't have to be heated unless she just wont take it cool. This makes it a lot easier to bring the bottles with you. Plus a lot of this is trial and error. The thing that I feel...
  12. Re: Preemie mom...must pump..2 days in milk has vanished! He

    do some research about the nursing. The sooner you nurse the better for your premie BUT it does depend on his overall health and strength. That is not say that you couldn't nurse 1 or 2 feedings...
  13. Re: Not keeping up with bottles and worried about overfeedin

    I think other means of soothing is a good idea. Baths (since at home and its DH not a care giver) worked very well for my son. Also, going for walks or just sitting out in the yard. Running...
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    Re: Slow letdown and sore nipples

    I've never felt letdown except when pumping so you may just not being feeling it anymore ???? I highly doubt it was the oatmeal. That little wouldn't even make a difference in his nursing IMO.
  15. Re: Baby better at breast, but hopsital measures bottles

    She may be tiring out if they are forcing her take more than she needs (volume based)

    I hope this helps I have a 9 months old crawling on me so if I don't make sense sorry. just ask questions
  16. Re: Baby better at breast, but hopsital measures bottles

    The only reason that I can see that they wouldn't let her go would be if you are planning on bottle feeding her once she gets out of the hospital. If you are then it would be a good idea to make...
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    Re: Help! Why the sudden change?

    First you are doing fine. Getting into the groove is hard.

    8 oz is actually far to much for a 4 week old at one time. I think 2-3oz at once is more like it. Babies like to suck and they will...
  18. Re: Preparing for daycare, so many questions... Need help ma

    In theory this should work BUT not all DCPs will know the first thing about BFing and volume. My DCP is great but it took a lot of convincing on my part that my child was getting enough milk even...
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    Re: Hygeia pump

    How do you like it otherwise? Is it really 7 lbs? How often do you pump? I'm in the market for a new pump my APY is crapping out slowly but surely and I need to make a decision soon. I apparently...
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    Re: Mixed feelings?

    My DS is 9 mo and I just recently has some flutterings of the emotions you were talking about. It is nice to know that its normal and maybe even just hormonal (still no period for me). I was...
  21. Re: Going to start working evenings and nights after 1 year.

    I agree with djs.mom My DS does waaay better for other people than me. He sleeps beautifully in another room in his crib/pack'n'play. although my DH will co-sleep some at night with him.
  22. Re: Preparing for daycare, so many questions... Need help ma

    I like the idea of 3 oz bottles and move up half an oz as needed. But no more than 4 oz. The doc was off about that.

    After battling OS I have found that I need to pump the same number of...
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    Re: How to be sure it's high lipase

    Oh yeah I wanted to add to the bag part of the discussion.

    I like honeysuckle bags (online only I think) and they have 'food' bags that are smaller and can be used for breast milk too. so less...
  24. Re: Fighting sleep, freaks out when put down, etc.

    Sorry no suggestions. Just wanted to let you know that this was how my DS was/is. It is HIGHLY frustrating. Some days it is just easier to go with the flow than try to fight it.
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    Re: Hand sucking

    :ita My DS chews/sucks on his hands and always has. When he was little it was hard to determine when it was because he was hungry or just because. We figured it out eventually.
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