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    Re: Ugggggg

  2. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    omg he just did this...
    well ds was nursing and unlatched to watch wonderpets. Well i tried to cover myself and he yells "NO, TITTY!!! TITTY, NOOOO TITTY MOMMA!" Then when I uncovered it, he grunts...
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    Re: Ugggggg

    the pg test said no so not pg :) he is on the boob 4 5 min and is mad when done cause even though we havent slowed down on feedings or anything, hes not getting much. :( if it keeps on, we may end up...
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    My son is now 16 months and I have noticed my milk is slowly going away. I mean, he latches on, 5 min later he is having to go to the other cause the first is dry. :( I am so lost.
  5. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    :lol Omg, This happened to me yesterday. I didn't even noticed it till I was about to walk out the door and was like OMG!!! It had been out for like 10 min after he stopped. I felt like such a doof.
  6. Re: You know you're nursing a toddler when...

    You know when you are nursing a toddler when, after he gets through nursing, he grabs a hold of your nipple and says "Titty, Titty, Mmm Mmm" or "tickle tickle tickle" while shaking them wildly every...
  7. Re: Nursing positions for bigger toddlers

    with my 16 month old, I just sit him on my lap facing me and he latches right on. I have had to feed him this way for about 6 months or so now. Or when we are in bed, he lays on his side or here...
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    Re: help me please it hurts!!!!!!

    see my right nipple is destorted a little. he never bites down but i do feel his teeth scrape at times. i see one tooth on the bottom just bearly breaking through.
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    help me please it hurts!!!!!!

    My son is about to be 7 months old. Well, it started hurting yesterday when he nursed. Now,I have 2 blood blisters and a purple thobbing nipple. please help me!!!

    Could it be he just starting to...
  10. Re: Is there a time when the more you remove - you just don't make more?

    I have this problem at night. I switch from one to the other and back like 20 times in a 30 min period because he acts like he isn't getting anything. He always nurses at this time of night but i...
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    I Did It Finaly!!!!!

    For the first time, I NIP at Dh B-day party at Applebee's. his Boss took us out for DH b-day and I nursed him in the back booth. He hated having his head covered with the receiving blanket but we did...
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    oh no!!! what do I do??

    my LO started crying alot and then puked up my BM all over me... What did I do wrong???
  13. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    No. All his family say I am harming him because when I pump I only get 2 oz. out and when he drinks from a bottle, he drinks nearly 6 oz. he is gaining weight right he in the 50% on weight and 75% on...
  14. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    a little yes. I m writing these down because My DH is yelling at me for constantly having him latched on instead of doing "the woman's job." he sais I stay at home so I have no excuse to have the...
  15. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    where do I find it at?
  16. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    Thank you. I see your a co-sleeper too! How are you able to get up in the middle of the night without waking them up? Everytime i move the slightest he wakes and wants to nurse. :cow
  17. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    lol I think I need to tell my hubby that. See I have 3 kids but with my first she was a preemie and couldn't latch well (mouth too small), my second fed for about 2 months then I got engorged and...
  18. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    Can anyone find me the directions on how to make one and maybe give me advice on the right type of fabric? i don't want to try to use the wrong kind and my angel fall out of it because it ripped. Ty...
  19. Re: Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    I would love to try that but I really can't afford a wrap or sling. My house is torn to peaces because he always wants to nurse. I am so desperate to find a way to get my milk supply up enough for...
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    Re: EP: Over Supply?

    Have you thought about donating to a milk bank?
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    Re: 8w old... weight question...

    I am concerned the same but my doctor says its ok. If your baby is satisfied and all is on track, you baby just might have a high matabolism.
  22. Nursing a lot but still no increase in milk

    I nurse my son from 7am to 11 am non stop. Then every 2 hr. for the majority of the day and every 3 hrs. at night for 30 min. each time. When I pump, i can only get 2 oz. out. How can I increase my...
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