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    Re: Glad we're "still" nursing!

    It's "haraka haraka haina baraka" so you were pretty close :) And I agree that it applies very well for nursing/weaning.

    QUOTE=@llli*mommal;843813]Your post reminded me of a Swahili saying my Dad...
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    Glad we're "still" nursing!

    My DS is 14 months old and we are currently in the process of travelling from the U.S. to Kenya to visit family. We were supposed to get there Sunday, but weather conditions in Europe delayed...
  3. Re: Nipple and areola pain - how to heal while nursing?

    I think you've gotten some great advice on healing, but if the pain is excruciating you could also consider taking tylenol. We only had latch problems for the first 3 weeks (although it seemed...
  4. Re: problems feeding while baby has cold - please help

    I've also found that a more "upright" feeding position helps when my son is congested.
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