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  1. Re: Taking the Mini Pill... without Period

    I took it for two months (I went off it for other reasons). I started it before my period (3 months) and within a month, my period started:grumpy. But then I was never one of the lucky ones whose...
  2. Poll: Re: Poll:If 1 breast makes more milk than the other,does it correspond w/your handedn

    (:thumbsup sits beside abbymom) You're not alone!
  3. This isn't the Twilight Zone, it's the 4 month growth spurt?

    (I left out certain adjectives like 'exhausting', 'dreaded', 'n'er ending', etc. before the number 4 :snicker)

    So just when I thought the baby fairy had switched my babe with another I realised we...
  4. Re: Support/Advice/Shoulder to Cry on??

    Mega :hug momma - it must be so frustrating for you all right now.

    As other posters have said, don't give up on the b/f - if there isn't a medical reason then there's still hope:gvibes

    I'm a...
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    Re: Callin all cosleepers

    We co-slept our first until she was about 14 months, then she went to her 'big girl bed' b/c I was preggers and the bed was getting crowded. number 2 'kicked herself' out of our bed (she started...
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    Re: so stressed need help

    I feel your stress, momma, I was sorta there too. My l/o had jaundice for the first 7 weeks - not enough for hospitalization (phototherapy), but enough that the first two weeks involved a lot of...
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    Re: Baby bum question

    Thank you chellebelle and kailyns mom for the replies - I really appreciate it!

    And now I feel quite foolish...:o

    After reading what you wrote about OALD I did some reading and reflecting...
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    Baby bum question

    My lil guy is about 3.5 months, healthy, nursing well and at a healthy weight. He is not sleeping through the night (but it took my first 2 a while to do that) but puts in two 4-hour stretches...
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    Re: Best Disposable Pads?

    ITA with all of the above:ita

    I was a J&J/no-name user until 2 nights ago when I ran out and had to buy the Lanisoh's. I love them - they're thin but very absorbent (I'd go through 4 to 6 J&Js a...
  10. Re: C-section and beginning breastfeeding...

    Congratulations on your new babe-2-b!:cheer

    I totally :ita with all pp. My second was an emergency c and then she was transferred to a different hospital (across the street) for surgery at 5 hours...
  11. Re: Sleeping through the night???????

    I remember the first time my eldest did that and in a panic I woke her up - it took a while for her to sleep that long again, lol.

    I think the things to monitor are wet diapers throughout the day...
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    Re: 366! 366! BF Success!

    Can you get a what-what!:cool:

    Awesome job - it could not have been easy but what an accomplishment:bow

    Way 2 go:clap
  13. Re: Vitamins and breastfeeding at 2 months 3 weeks

    Breastmilk is a complete food, but some believe human immigration sometimes throws a wrench in the works. If you are darker-skinned living in a colder/Northern climate (therefore little sunlight at...
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    Re: Breastmilk in bottle issue

    Awww, my heart goes out to you - it's so sad going back to work and leaving your l/o as it is without any extra issues:hug

    Are you the one giving the bottle? When my girls started their bottles, I...
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    Re: Menstural cycle while nursing?

    Count me one of the 'unlucky' ones:eyebrow

    After my first, my mc started weeks pp (but it coincided with my return to soccer so maybe that was it...). After my second, it took about 8 weeks (but...
  16. Re: Baby now nurses constantly and only sleeps at the breast

    Thanks for responding, guys, I really appreciate it!:dance

    I did not know about the big growth spurt at this point so I feel sooooo much better now that I know this, too, shall pass :)
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    Re: Co Sleeping? Whats your opinion?

    I've co-slept with both of my girls (now 7 and 9, both 'evicting' themselves from my bed before their first year). I've been co-sleeping with my son since his first night in the hospital. There is a...
  18. Baby now nurses constantly and only sleeps at the breast

    My son turns 3 months on Thursday. About two weeks ago he started sleeping for 4-6 hour stretches at night, and though he upped his feedings in the evening, it was more than a fair trade for REM...
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    Re: 3 month won't nurse anymore

    Glad to hear things are improving! I've found that when my little guy fusses, a bath and some 'close time' does wonders. I just had to write to say my l/o is turning 3 months on the 25th too! Isn't...
  20. Re: OALD, Nursing strike, don't know what to do

    I don't really have any advice - just my best wishes and all the cyber-support I can offer:hug. I will say that the common-sense advice of experienced mums, IMHO, more often than not trumps...
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    Re: eye contact?

    No worries - your baby's eye muscles take a while to develop to the point where they can focus - and then they have have to learn how to control those muscles! It can take months for it all to work...
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    Re: Nursing Amnesia???

    Congrats clojo3 on your new little person! How frustrating for you both:cry Apart from contacting a LC I can't think of anything to help:o but I did find this post from another mb by a mom going...
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    Re: Gas! :-(

    Awww poor babe and poor parents! Baby gas is the worst, isn't it? Both of my girls were reluctant burpers - it would take forever to get a result. My son is more, um, effective in that area but...
  24. Re: This scotch drinker is a little tired of wine.

    Thanks for posting this, believe it or not. I found the info here really interesting. I'm a Bailey's lover, lol, and can't wait to have some again. My lo is just 2 months so it will be a while yet,...
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    Re: Marathon Nursing!!

    I know just how you feel - my LO was 'marathon nursing' last week and I was even more than my usual zombie self because of it. But hang in there - it ends as quickly as it starts. I doubt he'll start...
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